Android 12 We Love These Hidden Features. Here's How to Use Them Yourself

Android 12: We Love These Hidden Features. Here’s How to Use Them Yourself

Google has finally confirmed the release date for Android 12, which will be announced this month.

Google said they’re releasing a finalized version in “a few weeks,” and if there aren’t any significant bugs, it might just end up being what we see as our final product at launch!

The new Android 12 operating system is the best mobile platform for privacy-centric users. With features such as Google’s “Do Not Track” setting, which allows you to block websites that are trying to track your browsing habits and other personal data, it should be at the top of every internet denizen’s wish list!

The beta program will give people enrolled access not just with their compatible phones but also future updates, so they can always stay up on all changes happening within this tech world while still having control over what happens behind closed doors.

So what’s the deal with Android 12? Well, it has a lot of hidden features! One cool one is that if you navigate to Settings > System and scroll down until there are three dots on each side. Clicking these will transform your phone into Game Mode, which tones down all other notifications, so games work better for those who play them often or just need peace in their ears during heavy gameplay situations (like me).

Notification History

Ever been anxious to see what notifications await you after a long day but have lost sleep over not being able to find out? Android has offered its users’ notification history for quite some time. However, it can be not easy if they don’t know where or how to look at their phone because most people aren’t aware of the feature’s existence!

“With Android 12, all the user needs to do is scroll down their notification shade and tap on a History button. When you do this your recent 24 hours of cleared notifications will be at hand.”

But what if you see Manage instead of History? This could mean any number of things: Your notifications are turned off on the app or device settings. You need to enable Notifications first by clicking on it and selecting “Notification Settings.” Ensure there is a check mark next to Show Alerts from All Apps for this option to work as expected!

Recap: If at all possible, always use caution when navigating deep into an application’s menu options because some locations may differ between devices with different screen sizes available (iPad vs. iPhone).

One-Handed Mode

With Android 12, you can now enjoy one-handed operation on your phone. This is great if the device’s screen size has been optimized for more effortless reading or viewing with just two hands!

Android 12 simplifies navigation by adding a new One-Handed Operation (OO) mode. As its name suggests, OO makes it easy to use an interface using only one hand without taking away any functionality.

The one-handed mode lets you move the top half of whatever is on your screen down with just a swipe. As such, it becomes easy to tap quick settings tiles or notifications without taking out any tools! All you’ll need to perform this gesture correctly are two fingers; you might not get it right at first, but with practice, all will be well!

But before you do that, make sure to turn it on by going into Settings and tapping System. Here in One-Handed Mode, there is an option for turning Gestures on or off as well as two others which we will talk about next: “Pull screen into reach” and “Show notifications.” Then just select the “Pull screen into reach” option and close the app.

Dedicated Gaming Mode

The new Gaming Mode for Android 12 is a great way to enjoy games on your device without being distracted. You can even have it turn off notifications when you are in the middle of playing so that nothing will distract or interrupt what’s going on!

However, if you do not explore your device’s operating system deeper, then you are likely to assume this unique feature doesn’t exist. To activate the Game Mode option in the Settings app, go to Notifications >Do Not Disturb>Schedules and check the box next to “Game Mode.” After that, tap on the Settings gear icon to switch between both items. 

Reviews from users who have tested the Game Mode suggest that it does not work in every game. However, Call of Duty Mobile fans will be pleased to know this mode works perfectly for them with just one tap! You can also quickly view your device’s current frames per second when you activate Game Mode. Moreover, it allows you to force-optimize games without draining your device’s battery life.

App Layout Option

Your device’s home screen grid comes in different sizes, including 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6. However, Android 12 on the Pixel 5 comes with a new grid option (2×2) which might appear funny at first. At the moment, the feature is only limited to Pixel phones, but many users are hoping that other phone manufacturers will adopt it.

To switch to the new 2×2 grid layout, long-press your device’s home screen, and select Styles & Wallpapers>Grid>2×2.

Redesigned System Spaces

Android 12 reimagines critical spaces on your phone. Some of the things it changes include quick settings, power button, and notification shade. The new design it comes with makes it effortless for users to accomplish certain tasks.

For instance, it makes the notification shade more intuitive and fun to use. Moreover, it makes your app’s notifications clearer and accessible at a glance. It also displays what you are currently watching or listening to. These features come in handy for gaming enthusiasts and sports fans. Sports betting fans can visit Odds Shark to get the latest sports betting odds, news and scores. 

Apart from that, the Quick Settings functionality makes it effortless for you to control your phone’s OS with a tap or by simply swiping. It also looks and feels different. They have rebuilt this feature to include Google Play and Home Control. Additionally, it lets users tailor the device so they can access everything in one place.

Additionally, you can now effortlessly access Google help. You just long-press the power button to access Assistant and get the help you need. The assistant functionality allows users to obtain help through making calls, opening apps, and asking quick questions.   

Final Thoughts

Android has been about personalization and letting users choose the device, experience, and service that is right for them from its inception. It has grown its userbase because it offers its users an open ecosystem that gives them the liberty to choose. Android 12 takes everything you love about Android to the next level. Its main focus is to create a more personal phone that adapts to the users’ needs.