A Quick Review of McAfee Antivirus Software from Every Angle

Well, if your work demands you to deal with computers and tablets frequently then McAfee antivirus mustn’t be something unknown for you. Right? But, do you know whether it is the right choice for you or not?

Well, here I am today to enlighten you in this aspect so that you can get an idea about every bit of aspect of this buzzing antivirus software.

Just read ahead and know more!


As per my experience with McAfee antivirus software, I can obviously mention that if you go for this antivirus for your laptop or desktop then the scenario will definitely become convenient and frugal for you. Want to know how?

Okay, so, first of all, you can purchase McAfee at an affordable rate while grabbing Argos. Secondly, if you buy a single antivirus utility then it will let you install the software on every windows, macOS, Android and iOS device in your house. So, no more spending on an antivirus software again and again!!

Moreover, the new HTML based interface of McAfee makes it even more convenient to use. It’s because of such a feature, you can see a menu at the top which showcases five prominent product features like Home, PC Security, Privacy, Identity, and Account.

Also, this is not the end! All the versions of this software come with a file shredder and most of them have a fabulous password manager. Also, the top end offers a backup software. These facts about McAfee are really excellent!

Plus, if you decide to use McAfee then you can see that the installation process is super-easy. And, most importantly, the real-time scanning and automatic update feature from the global virus database makes this antivirus software superb and one of a kind.

Further, if you find any problem while using McAfee then you can get constant and effective solutions for the same. It’s because are forums which are usually organized by product and topic respectively and they help the customers and employees to share their problems and solutions.

And, if you are worried about the ransomware attacks? Then, you can go for McAfee without any doubt. Yes! This wonderful antivirus software thoroughly scans your emails and their attachments both to ensure that they don’t bear any malicious files within them which can infect your computer and render it defective.


But, McAfee is not only about Good and Good!! There are enough drawbacks within the same. Like, it can’t detect a huge number of malware threats like many other latest antivirus software in the market.  I experienced it personally when I was facing the same problem of my computer getting stuck in the middle of my work after I using McAfee. And, the repairing professionals informed me that it’s happening all because of virus problems.

So, This is all about McAfee antivirus software from my end. Just understand your needs and decide whether to opt for McAffe or it’s better for you to go for any other antivirus software.

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