Top 5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

If someone wants to promote and establish his business as a brand and ensure highest ROI, SMM should be in his priority list.

As of January 2018, 4.02 billion people, amounting to 53% of the population, have access to the internet. Over 3.2 billion people, which accounts for just under half of the global population, are on social media. It could prove a great marketing platform for businesses with an active social media strategy. Social media can help business ventures engage and connect with potential clients, which will help you grow your business.

These are some of the benefits of using social media for your business.

It will increase traffic to your website

Your business has a website and different social media pages. Posting on social media, particularly through the use of customized advertisements and targeted social media posts will help generate traffic to your site.

Most business ventures that have an active social media presence share content from their respective websites. It helps to keep followers, who are potential clients, informed on relevant content and attracted to a specific product or service offered through your website.

In order to increase visibility, generate traffic and express the range of products or services offered, business ventures may create and participate in social forums and chats. Remember to avoid sounding too promotional, to provide relevant information and to attach links to your site for users who may be interested in finding out more about your brand.

It can be used for targeted advertising

Advertising is an important part of creating brand awareness. However, the traditional advertising media can be expensive for many businesses. If your business only has a small budget set aside for brand promotion and awareness, social ads may be the best option available.

Social ads are cost effective and a great way to reach your audience. More businesses are taking to social media to advertise, as opposed to print sources. They realize the value that the platform has as a marketing tool, and are more willing to embrace it. This year, the amount spent by businesses on Facebook ads will be more than twice as much as that invested in newspaper advertising. It is a testament to the value of online marketing.

Social ads are better than print ads because they can target specific demographics. You can craft specific marketing campaigns to help draw the specific target audience, increasing your brand’s awareness and creating demand for your products and services. As an added bonus, you will only pay for the specific amount of viewers that you want to reach, which means you can work around any budget.

It can help to make your brand relatable

Social media advocacy programmes area great way to humanize your brand. These campaigns will help to generate positive publicity, which may result in more traffic to your brand’s website. Research suggests that people are more likely to trust brands that have an actual impact in the real world. It can be a great way to create a human connection between your brand and potential clients. Some brands are now turning to automated solutions such as an IG bot.

In order to connect with customers, you need to embrace the human aspect of your brand. They will look into your brand values, and explore what your brand cherishes and supports. They will also look into the authenticity of your products or services. They will explore your brand’s interaction with employees and customers to find out whether your brand maintains a high regard for them.

Social media will help you create meaningful relationship moments that will boost your brand’s relatability. With the range of advocacy program options available, there is an endless list of activities that can help make your brand more relatable to an ever increasing online audience. It could boost traffic and sales, as well as develop a loyal following.

Allows marketers to prove return on investment

return on investment

Every business run for profit will require some proof of return on investment. However, marketers may have a harder time proving the success of their marketing campaigns because it is just not possible to measure influence in the real world setting. For instance, how will your business’ marketing team prove that putting an ad in the paper resulted in a certain number of new clients?

With social media, return on investment for previously problematic metrics such as influence can be calculated. You can determine whether buying 50 Instagram likes for all your posts is a great investment by considering its potential returns.

You can use social media analytic and tracking tools to help you identify the impact of different marketing strategies. You will be able to know the impact of each one by looking into the amount of traffic, conversions or new clientele generated with each campaign.

It offers tracking of the competition

More businesses are on social media than ever before. They realize the potential value to the business in terms of brand building, growth and communication. According to QuantumMarketer, marketing your business on social media will bring you up to par with industry leading brands in your field, as well as a range of other businesses that offer similar goods or services. It is a cost effective way to provide your business with a cutting edge.

It can also provide an easy way to monitor the competition, allowing your business to take full and timely advantage of any slip ups from their end. Tracking the competition’s mention will keep you up to date with products, promotions, reports and other relevant data that may be released. This will help you to develop unique marketing plans to help your business adapt or respond, ensuring that you reduce the risk of losing potential clientele.

Final thought

If your business venture is to be successful, you will need to embrace social media marketing. With the advent of the internet around the world, and its use for various day-to-day activities, it is almost impossible for any serious business brand to remain entirely offline.

Before marketing on social media, you should remember that it can impact your business both negatively and positively. It is important to develop a social media marketing policy to guide posting and interaction for your business and anyone affiliated to it. This will prevent any potential crises that may lead to an irreparably damaged reputation.