Best Tumblr Follower Bots

The 10 Best Tumblr Follower Bots 2022 – Explained

Tumblr is an online social networking site that allows users to share test, photos, links, music and video from any outlet. Its diverse offering has branded it a mix between social media and a blogging site. Many users refer to Tumblr as a micro blog; this is because they use it to post diary-like extracts but in a shorter, snappier, format. Generally, Tumbler is used by a younger audience, however they do require their users to be over 13 to sign up and use the site, but the medium age has stayed in the late teens.

As with any social media-based platform, followers connote strength, it also reinforces popularity. Gaining organic followers can take a long time, especially if your Tumblr page is quite niche and unique. For this reason, some Tumblr users opt to purchase follower bots to help their pages go viral. Below are the top ten Tumblr bots of 2022.


This is a trusted site that Tumblr users can use to help them purchase followers and likes as they please. GetAFollower is favoured due to its many different options and price ranges to choose from, this way the recipient can expect a tailored approach to how they wish to grow their following on Tumblr with ease. It is also deemed one of the most affordable services available online, especially when considering the quality service, they offer users.

This is due to the authenticity of the followers and likes that you receive if you choose to work with them, they also do not take back these followers once your package has ended, which is an added bonus.


This site is considered the more experienced in the distribution of Tumblr likes and follows. They have been active for many years and have honed into the Tumblr following market extremely well. They offer a fast turnaround on your desired outcomes and will increase your engagements and interactions to make the increase in following seem more genuine. The service they offer has a lifetime guarantee and plenty of packages and payment options for every user.

Get Plus Followers

As a specialist in Tumblr followers, Get Plus Followers is a great site for you to consider to increase your Tumblr presence. They offer niche and unique packages to their users, this way your desired outcomes can be achieved with ease. They work with your budget and scope to get real followers on Tumblr that will offer good engagement with your page and content. They pride themselves on their customer friendly approach and offer a 24/7 customer service hotline/chat.

Like Service 24

These are considered a more well known, longstanding website that users can purchase Tumblr bots and followers from. Their time in this line of work has influenced their overall recognition amongst the wider audience and they have received great reviews. Their packages are a little more expensive, but still affordable. They offer discounts for new clients and a good customer service experience if you have any queries.

Social Boss

Whilst this site offers all social media outlet followers and likes, it does have a special focus on Tumblr. They offer a variety of services and offers and multiple ways to pay for their services. They do not use spam bots and can offer over 5000 followers, which is a lot more than other similar sites.

Socials Grow

This is a very famous website to buy Tumblr bots and followers from, they are recognised in their field and considered one of the best. They offer a collaborative working space with you to understand your goals and a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with the service. As they work with the Tumblr algorithm directly they can make your following look as genuine as can be.


This site offers a great low-cost and budget friendly alternative to other sites. Their offerings star from as little as fourteen dollars, this can get you up to 100 followers, this is a great saving. Not only are they very cost efficient they have been around for a while, have a stellar reputation and offer a fast delivery of their service.

Media Mister

This site is world famous for providing users with genuine followers online across all social media services. Their diversification has allowed them to have a greater understanding of the whole social media landscape and tailor their offerings to each outlet respectively. As they have had for 60,000 customers, they have a great review section online and are considered highly trustworthy. They have a 30-day refund policy too, which is always a bonus.


This site focuses on engagement and interactions that will help to grow your Tumblr page. If your growth looks organic then it is more likely that real followers will consider following and engaging with your content too. Like many of the other sites, they offer a lot of different services and packages alongside a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.


These are considered a newer site, but that does not mean less understanding of their market. They offer their customers a good steady flow of followers that will not disappear after your package ends. Being a newer site, they understand the importance of customer service and offer their clients 24/7 liv customer service representatives to help them with any queries they may have.


These ten Tumblr follower bot sites are considered the best, granted there are many others but they might not be of the same calibre. It is important to keep your goal clearly in mind when you are deciding which of these sites to use to help grow your Tumblr account, organic growth is the best form of growth, if they cannot be done it should be replicated as smoothly as possible. Remember your goals, your engagement hopes and your content’s purpose before purchasing and Tumblr bot.