Top 10 Video Editing Software For Beginners

The whole world is dominated by visual content; compelling videos can increase the success of your brand.

However, you can only use editing software to create impressive video content. The most popular tools for video editing are expensive, but instead of this, there are many desirable choices that do not cost a copper penny. It is good news for new entrepreneurs. Whether it’s product reviews on YouTube, stories on Instagram, and ads on Facebook, the best and free software for video editing can keep your brand stylish and professional.

In this article, you will learn the best and free software for video editing in 2021. The most flexible video editing software depends on every user’s needs. This software guide gives a quality overview of each user’s expectations on video editing and steps on ‘how to make the most of it.

Below mentioned are the ten best and free software for video editing, especially for PC, mobile applications for editing of videos, and Instagram video editing. Are you ready?

1. InVideo

This online video editing tool is very suitable for marketers and editors, individuals, and institutions.

Due to its support for intelligent photo frames, automatic voice, and other functions, this desktop-friendly software ranks among the best of its kind for many reasons. Users praised this video software for excellent customer service, user experience, cost performance, and functionality.

New high-quality video templates have been added most of the month, and this tool is perfect for beginners and advanced video editors. It seems easy to use and has impressive flexibility.

InVideo features include:

Audio tools, text tagging/overlay, collaboration speed, split/merge adjustment, support for high-definition video stabilization.


Creating fast slideshow videos is impressive.


No universal 360° video editor. You cannot add multiple audio files, etc.

2. Blender

Blender is currently free software programs for video editing available for an operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Blender is completely free and open-source software. The tool was initially designed as an animation 3D kit, but it comes with a very quality application for video editing. The defender video editor should be sufficient for most of your video needs.

You can use the tool to make sure that the operation remains basic, like adding and cutting videos. You can also use it for more complex tasks, such as video blocking. It makes a flexible editing tool for videos that is effective for both advanced and beginner users.

Blender includes the following functions:

Real-time preview, light waveform, chromaticity vector range and histogram, audio mixing, synchronization, debugging, and waveform display, for video adding slots up to 32, image, sound, and different effects, Controller for speed, adjust layers, transitions, keyframes, and contrast filters.


Adaptable for new and advanced users. It will not be intimidated by all the distinct features.


Extensive Functions make learning more enjoyable. Most tutorials give force on the 3D modeling/animation.

3. Shotcut

Shotcut is another best and free program for video editing extremely for Windows and works well on both operating systems Mac and Linux. Like Blender, Shotcut is entirely open-source, so access the features of the tool without paying.

Although this software for video editing has powerful features and tutorials, the interface may look a little strange for some users. This is considering Shotcut was initially developed for the Linux operating system, and it does show it.

It is one of the best video editing software among all other editing tools. The two fascinating features of Shortcut Are 4K HD support and editing the timeline. There are not many video editors for free that provide 4K support.

In addition, Shotcut lacks the import of the video into the tool editor-it can save your time when dealing with some large video data and files. In addition, Shotcut is also suitable for those looking for a video editor of 1080p. It also provides three lossless export formats and allows for video transfer (the only drawback is that the file is too large).


Integrated editing for timeline and support for 4K resolution.


The unusual user interface may discourage some users.

4. Openshot

Openshot software is entirely open-source, which makes it the best video editing software program that is available. For some users of the Mac operating system, it may be reminiscent of iMovie, with its accessible drag-and-drop interface.

Anyhow, Openshot has more and distinct features than iMovie, including unlimited overlays and audio mixing. It also provides a real-time preview when you create distinct transitions between clips.

Openshot includes universal track/layer resizing, scaling, cropping, recording, rotating, and trimming video transition composition with real-time preview, image overlay, watermark, title template, creation of titles, subtitles, titles (and effects) on 3D animation, New and advanced timeline (including dragging, scrolling, zooming, and adjustment)


Open-source, universal levels.


Not many tutorials.


VSDC is one of the best free panoramic video editing software, only available for Windows. The version that is free has many features, such as color correction and audio editing. The color scheme allows you to customize the appearance of the video to match your brand image.

Instagram-You can also use similar filters to help novices save editing time. In addition, VSDC allows you to create masks of various shapes to blur, hide or show specific elements in the material.

A version is priced at $19.99. It has all the free version features and image stabilization, voice-over support, and visual waveforms. If you do not upgrade to the professional version, the technical support fee is $9.99 or $14 per month.99 in a year.

If you are looking for recommendations for paid video editors, VSDC has a professional version for $19.99. It has all the features of the free version and image stabilization, voice-over support, and visual waveforms. Technical support costs 9.99 US dollars per month or 14.99 US dollars per year to upgrade to the professional version.


It is easy to learn due to its many powerful functions.


Technical support is not free.

6. iMovie

The old iMovie was built into Mac OS. Like most native applications of Mac, this video editor is very intuitive. Users of Mac OS can use this software for editing as a playing field to learn the video editing basics. IMovie features include a Pre-made transition library, crop the video, audio editing, support 4K split-screen resolution.


Easily accessible for learning and implementation.


 For advanced users, functions may be bounded; import and rendering time may be a bit slow. 

7. Machete Lite

Machete Lite is great for the quick editing process and makes the life of the video editor easy and fast on Windows computers. You are unable to edit the feature of audio in the free software version, but if you wish to remove the track of audio, then you can.

Machete Lite features are: copy, and then cut, and paste, and finally delete segments of video files; mix two videos together in the same format; edit the metadata that is (file tags) supported media formats; extract video streams to files in. The entire version is priced at $19.95, which allows audio editing, and supports other file types.


Very easy to use and learn.


Windows only; it does not offer any audio editing or any other program.

8. VideoPad

VideoPad is the best tool for video editing to help you take the first step in hypermedia video editing. It is very suitable for playing video works because it is easy to use and simple in editing any videos. For pro video editors, this seems too easy. VideoPad Features: Library with pre-designed transitions and Export movies of different resolutions Edit 3D video Reduce camera shake Sound effects library.


The powerful function of exporting directly on YouTube and even on other social media platforms.


Too easy for advanced users.

9. CyberLink PowerDirector

This powerful video editor has a series of creative design tools specially designed for Android and desktop users. CyberLink has developed an application that helps you create 4K quality videos from images taken on various devices.

Special features include motion tracking, which allows you to focus on a specific subject in each image; video collage allows you to combine multiple photos into a moving video; and video stabilization to prevent camera shake. PowerDirector can also help you use the color keys to add creative voice-over and sound effects.


Powerful features, such as green screen editing, dynamic graphics, and keyframe control. Compared with competitors such as Adobe Multitrack Editing and Timeline Editing, the price is incredibly affordable. The company continues to add new graphics and templates for users to choose from.


Some users report that there may be errors.

10. KineMaster

KineMaster is a versatile video editing tool that allows you to start editing videos with multiple layers. What does that mean? Content creators can add unlimited text, images, audio, and even free handwriting overlays to their videos to get the artistic details they or their brands need.

You can also combine multiple clips and use double exposure to adjust the background in various creative ways. This app certainly provides intuitive trim and split functions for more straightforward editing tasks to organize your video progress the way you want.


Powerful features such as multi-track editing, overlay, and blending modes. More than 3 million reviews on Google Play, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. You can publish to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook directly from the app, and the app is perfect for 4K export.


Unless you upgrade to the premium version, your video will have a KineMaster brand watermark. Access to resources is limited in the free software version.

So, these were the top 10 video editing software solutions for beginners. Hope you found it insightful.