5 Easy Steps To Download YouTube Videos For Free

YouTube is now one of those apps that we seemingly can’t live without, we watch an estimated 100,000,000 videos per day off our mobile devices!

But what about that obscure song that you found that you can’t listen to without keeping the YouTube app open? Whist we no longer consume music the way we used to, the one biggest down fall of YouTube is that you have to have the application open to play, this is a particular problem when it comes to listening to music. So why not download the YouTube video and add it to your playlists? Here we give you the 5 easy steps to downloading YouTube videos, free of charge!

Step One 

First things first, you need software that can download the video for you. Install a YouTune Video Downloader, these will work on both Microsoft and OSX platforms and there are a variety to choose from on the market.

All the downloaders have a super simple user interface and it is pretty easy to use. You can pre select the quality of the video you want to download (the higher the quality, the longer the download time) and even change format, but we will discuss that later on.

Step Two 

Find the video that you want to download, aim for the best copy possible and copy the URL. If you are on windows, control C or on a mac use command C.

Step Three

Once you have copied the URL of your selected video, paste it into the box that says Paste URL or something of equivalent nature.

Step Four

Most people download YouTube videos so that they can listen to lesser known bands that they aren’t able to find on popular streaming services. Most YouTube converters come with a setting which allows you to change the format of the video. If you are downloading a video purely to add a song to your playlist, you can switch it from an MP4 format to an MP3, this means that you will lose the video component, but you are able to listen to the song! Likewise, if you are downloading a video, you can change the format so that it can be watched on the type of devices you have!

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Step Five

Once you have selected where you want to save your new download, it is now time to upload it to your device, depending on what device you have changes how you do this. But you can add a song to your device’s music playing platforms just like you can add a video to your laptops MP4 playing software or other software that you use. It is now the same format as if you were to burn a song from a CD or download a film! Simple, right?

Why Download YouTube Videos?

Why do we want to download YouTube videos? Well, there are many reasons, firstly it gets rid of the ads, these can be exceptionally invasive and ruin the flow of the video. Secondly, for the periods when we’re off line, such as long car journeys or flights, we may want to have something to watch that requires no internet connection, so downloading videos from YouTube provides the perfect solution. If you’re downloading a DIY, craft or how-to video, it gives you full control over it, with no buffering or adverts in the middle of it. You can also play it offline whilst you follow a baking recipe. Finally, the main reason we want to download YouTube videos is because we will be able to listen to our favourite songs without having to have the app open, which is not only a pain, but it also limits your devices battery life

Final Thoughts

Be warned, downloading YouTube videos is against YouTubes and Googles terms of service unless you have express permission, so this is a risk that you take through doing it. However, this easy to follow step by step guide allows you to download YouTube videos easily. Select a high quality downloader so you don’t have to endure becoming bogged down in advertisements, find one that allows you to change the quality of the download as well as convert the type of file it is, so that it can be played across an array of devices!