Surefire Ways to Crush It on Instagram Using IG Growth Hacks

Instagram has become so massive, and it is not slowing down anytime soon. It has millions of active users.

It also has a tremendous engagement rate ranging from likes, comments, and accounts interaction. The number of brands, influencers and other creatives joining the platform increases daily: their hope being elevating their success.

Growing the number of followers has become an important factor for everyone that wants to reach larger audiences. Other people have employed the use of Instagram tools to grow their numbers, while others have settled for buying followers. Some of these methods do not guarantee success and may end up being a loss of resources. Below are IG growth hacks that will ensure you crush it on Instagram:


You can tag as many people as it is possible. Tagging exposes you to new audiences who may end up interested in your brand. When tagging people ensure the post is relevant to them. You can tag accounts that feature in the post or may repost your post to their accounts. This feature ensures that you are not annoying anyone and end up with fewer followers instead. You can also tag brands in your niche for their attention. Doing so may end up turning into a business connection.

Reposting Content

The first rule when it comes to reposting content is to credit the owner always. Reposting serves the purpose of creating awareness. Ones you repost someone’s content, you open up a window of interaction. This interaction may develop a connection and follow for your account. It is wise to repost content from brands that may likely need your services, or you may need their services. This act makes you noticeable to them. You should maintain relevance as you reshare content. Don’t share everything; remember to uphold your brand rather than lose it.

Live Videos

Live videos encourage engagement. Instagram allows you to do a live video as your viewers watch and comment. You can come up with a topic for the video prior and share with your audience. Encourage them to get questions and concerns ready, which they can share during the video. When you go live, the comments are visible to you. It allows you to address the relevant questions or concerns from your viewers. You can also use the live videos to talk about your brand and other times show the use of products you have. Live videos are the most effective method for marketing your brand. The videos can be saved for future reference.

Branded Hashtags

Using hashtags gives visibility to your posts. Branded hashtags are unique to the creators. When they go viral, they open doors for visibility to millions of users. When people search it, all your content with the hashtag will appear. For this reason, it is quite beneficial to promote your branded hashtags. You can rally your followers to create content and include the hashtag. They can then share with their followers. You can give incentives in exchange for those who do a great job in sharing and frequent use of the hashtag. It may end up trending.

Using Micro Influencers

Collaborating with influencers will take your brand to the next level. They have a way of influencing their audiences in favor of different brands. Most influencers rally a large number of followers. Macro influences boast of a following of over 100,000 followers. They take advantage of this; hence, their pricing for single ads are very high.

Micro influencers have a lesser number of following. Their charges for ads are reasonably affordable. You can partner with several micro influencers from and create brand awareness. Always choose those in the same niche as your brand. Together their followers become a sizable audience. They also interact with their followers, as the number is manageable. The interaction means that most of the questions for your brand are addressed.

Quality Content

The type of content you post on your account will determine the traffic it brings. Your content should always be relevant to your brand. It should create a narrative that you would like to communicate. Avoid posting a lot of promotional content. These annoys of most followers who may end up unfollowing you. Invest in high-quality video and picture content. Instagram has so many features that can help you arrange your account outlook. Be consistent in posting content. Observe the type of content that encourages engagement and capitalize on that.

Post During Optimum Times

Posting during specific times will guarantee you the most engagement with your audience. It is all about the perfect timing. People interact most with their mobile phones during the morning commute to work, over a lunch break and after work. During these times, you are likely to reach a wider audience and gain more interaction. Research the best time to post as this may differ from account to account.

You can refer to Instagram analytic tools and observe at what times you have the attention of most users. It is also important to consider the location of your audience. Time zones affect different locations.

You do not have to struggle to grow your account. You need to tap into the power of growth hacking to fire up your brand. These hacks will enable you to scale your following to the unimaginable numbers. These ideas will ensure your growth hacking trends are unbeatable and profitable.