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Download YouTube Videos in Just 5 Simple Methods

In the highly digital era, the YouTube platform has become the unavoidable source of watching entertainment, educational and informative videos as well.

Not just for specific age groups, YouTube serves a great form of content for people of all ages in several thousands of categories.

Often you may want to download some of your favorite videos from YouTube to share it with the people of your choice in a video file format. In this case, downloading the particular YouTube video is the only solution.

Still, in 2023, people think that downloading videos from the YouTube platform is not an easy process. No, it’s a very easy process.

In this article, I will explain the five simple methods that can be used to download YouTube videos easily and quickly. No complicated software or technical knowledge is required, just with the use of an online website, you can download YouTube videos.

Importantly, downloading YouTube videos from the website mentioned in the blog post is legal and safe to use. So, if you are eagerly awaiting to learn how to download videos from YouTube, keep reading.

5 Simple Methods to Download YouTube Videos using VidMeta

Vidmeta is one of the best YouTube video downloaders at present.

With so many features to discuss, Vidmeta is the platform that I am going to use to explain the 5 simple methods to download YouTube videos.

No need of installing apps on your phones and computer devices as the platform can easily be accessed via their official website. I know that you are highly eager to get the link to the website.

Worry not, I will offer a link to Vidmeta’s official website in the upcoming section.

Let’s get started with the five simple methods.

1. Browse and Copy the YouTube Video URL you Want to Download

No matter what device you are using, whether Android or Apple mobile devices, whether Windows or Mac laptop/computer devices, just head over to YouTube either via app or from your browser.

On the YouTube platform, browse for your favorite videos using the search bar. Once you find the YouTube video you want to download, just copy the URL of the video as every YouTube video has its unique URL.

2. Open the Official Website

Here comes the method you have been awaiting the most. You can access the Vidmeta official website here in this link

Vidmeta charges nothing to use its services and features as it is a free online platform to download YouTube videos to watch the videos later offline.

Upon loading of the official Vidmeta page, you will see the same page that I have added in the image below. Am I right? If yes, let’s head over to the 3rd method.

3. Paste the URL of the YouTube Video Official Website

You will find an easy option to paste the URL of the YouTube video you have copied on the Vidmeta web page.

Just paste the YouTube link in the given bar. As I promised, no technical knowledge is required to follow all the methods yourself, just pasting the URL is what you need to do in this method.

4. Press the Button ‘Click here to Get Video’

Once you have pasted the URL, moving forward to the final methods, just press the ‘Click here to Get Video’. The exact YouTube video will be visible to you with the title of the video.

Just play the video to make sure the video is what you wish to download.

Below the video file on the Vidmeta web page, you will be presented with a few video quality options along with a Download button for each quality.

5. Choose the Video Quality and Click Download

The one last method is that you have to choose the quality of the video from different quality ranges such as 144p, 360p, 720p, etc… The video quality will be shown along with its respective memory details. You can choose according to the quality you want.

After all, touch the Download button to download the video. The download process will be started as soon as you hit the button. The video file now will be stored on your device file manager or download files depending on your device.

Final Words

I hope that the five easy methods listed in the blog post have been super helpful in guiding you on how to download YouTube videos using Vidmeta.

If you find any difficulties downloading videos from the platform, you can seamlessly contact the Vidmeta team to get your doubts cleared.

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