How Smart Watch Can Make You Productive, Fit And Help Manage Time

Wearable tech is everywhere now a days. It is cheaper and has more functions than a traditional luxury mechanical watch.

After the success of tech giant’s like Apple and Galaxy in smart wear, few traditional watch companies have also jumped on the band wagon and introduced hybrid watches, that has mechanical and electronic components to incorporate some functionality of smart wear. Even though smart watches are more flexible, easy to interact and offers more functions, a traditional automatic mechanical watches like Longines Conquest or Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 P2P is the way to go if you want to make a statement, show off wealth, class, personality or wants a true craftsman engineering piece which you can one day hand down to your kids. Having said that there is no tech lover who dislikes smart watch, there may be reservations but there is no hate.

Today you can grab an excellent smartwatch from known company including Samsung, Fossil, Motorola and Huawei under $500. Here are three ways wearable tech can help busy professionals and entrepreneurs:


For every individual whether he owns a business or works for a company, productivity is the most important thing. If you are productive you can get more done in the working hours. One will think how a smart watch can make you productive as you will have to look at the smartwatch screen for the information which you would normally get from your smartphone except for saving tiny bit of time you need to get to your phone. Even a small time saved for each incoming notification can make a big difference if you receive many through the day. A smart watch showing show incoming messages, email or a call is quicker than a phone, consider you are typing a letter to your client and you receive a call, you do not even need to move your arms to see who is calling and receive or reject the call right from the watch.

Android wear has integration with Google, which proactively deliver information to users after predicting its usefulness for them to make you productive. With the smart watch you will never miss work related reminders and notifications as these will be pushed to smart watch. If left unseen, watch will remind the wearer that there are unread notifications available. Information like weather update can help schedule meetings. You can set alarms and reminder by speaking to your watch and add schedules to calendar.


Almost all smart watches in the market comes with fitness tracking, you do not need anything else, you can manage and look into detail of your day activity right from the watch screen. For more in depth and weekly, monthly details you will need your smart phone. Pedometer is the must inclusion in every smartwatch that counts how many steps have you taken.

Business owners and workers sit for long time while working, smart watches help you track time you have been sitting and motivates you to move. Apple watch has more polished software to show you how long have you been standing, moving or exercised plus the calories you have burned. Apple watch help you stay active through out the day.

Time Management

Time is limited, for every professional and business owner time is money. To make the best use of available hours you can set time for specific activity throughout the day. A smart watch will help you go through routine tasks and keep on track through reminders. Smart watch has integration with calendar and will push notification to your watch for every event, meeting or task you have noted.