How To Develop IoT Applications

How To Develop IoT Applications: Challenges In 2021

The IoT development process is complicated, and while building an application, you have to face many challenges.

Many companies have developed IoT applications, but not all of them have been successful. It’s because they have not paid much attention to the challenges faced in the process of how to develop an IoT app. The IoT application plays a significant role in every industry, and as per Bain & Company, firms in this particular sector are expected to grow by 450 Billion annually. The Statista report states: “The total global Internet of Things market in 2020 was about US $389 billion and is projected to grow to over US $1 trillion in 2030, more than doubling revenues in a decade. Moreover, it is predicted that the number of IoT-connected devices in the world will triple over this period of time.”

Yes, that’s true. After all, based on global trends, the growth of the Internet of Things market is inevitable.

Due to the pandemic and total lockdowns, the general shift of employees to remote work has led to the rapid growth of online commerce and the development of technology, including the IoT. Although the pandemic, in this case, is not only a growth stimulant but a halting factor. After all, the major technology players in the market, such as Intel Corporation, Qualcomm Technologies, Texas Instruments Incorporated, STMicroelectronics, IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco Systems, Microsoft Corporation, PTC, and Amazon Web Services. These companies have production facilities around the world, where many businesses have been forced to downsize due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But we tend to think that this will only accelerate technological growth.

Examples of IoT applications

1) IoT sensors

With IoT technologies, multiple sensors and different sensors can be combined into one ecosystem and aggregate data. This approach can be applied to various industries, such as medicine, agriculture, various manufacturing and manufacturing processes, etc.

2) IoT data processing and analysis

We learned above that the IoT could help with the aggregation of large amounts of new data. But also all this data can be processed and analyzed.

In the current realities for any business, it is critical to be able not only to collect but interpret data correctly.

3) IoT Tracking and Monitoring System

Internet of Things technologies is used everywhere to track the movement of goods, cars, machinery.

4) IoT Healthcare System

Again, IoT technologies are actively used in medicine. By collecting a lot of diagnostic data, these technologies are already saving lives.

Assuming that, here are a few challenges that you might encounter when developing an IoT application. Paying attention to these will help in deciding what and how it needs to be done. They are:

1.  Security And Privacy: How To Develop An IoT Application?

Security and privacy both are two controversial issues concerning the Internet of Things application development. In the process of the internet of things app development, hacking and cyber threats are more. In terms of security, it does not mean the network’s security but also the hardware components involving a considerable amount of data. Additionally, if cyber security is unattended, hackers can steal all information.

Also, some rules and regulations concerning data fetched by IoT devices have to be considered without fail. Hence, security and privacy are the first challenges that you can face in the designing process.

2.  Connectivity

The real-time transmission data is the essence of developing an Internet of Things application. Poor connectivity and latency are two difficulties faced when you develop an IoT application. Functional front-end connection offered by connected devices is crucial, and poor connection happens because of IoT sensors for supplying information, monitoring, and processing data. The next parameter that needs to be taken care of is connectivity.

3.  Data Collection And Processing

To create an IoT app, developers need to face the next challenge of data collection and processing. They have to take care of data from collection, storing, and processing within the environment. Developers need to have knowledge and understanding of machine learning to process data. If they do not know data collection and processing, it is another challenge that they have to face.

4.  Cross-Platform Compatibility

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Cross-platform compatibility should be considered in terms of balancing hardware and software. The application and legacy system integration makes it difficult for developers in the development process, another challenge in 2021.

5.  Lack Of Skill Set

Most importantly, you will face the above challenges provided a skilled resource is working to develop the IoT application. It depends on resources that have ideas of software and hardware implementations. With the right talent, it will help in getting through the challenges that might come your way. Considering that, you must look for a suitable company that has the right expertise to go ahead with how to create an IoT application. 

Look For An Ideal Company

By now, you have known the challenges to encounter while designing an application. By overcoming the challenges, you can accomplish the steps of how to develop an IoT app. With that, you can have an IoT platform as per your demands. Make a wise decision when picking the perfect developer who will help build up a platform that suits the market demands.

Finding a reliable contractor is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Here the choice can be between three options: find an outsourcing company, create your in-house team, or turn to freelancers.

Freelancers can be pretty unreliable. Here it is crucial to look at reviews or recommendations.

Building your in-house team can be pretty long and expensive.

But outsourcing a project can be an excellent solution. After all, in Eastern Europe, the development cost can be much lower than in the U.S., and the quality of the work done can be even better.

We hope that we have been able to shed some light on the issue of IoT application development and the challenges you may face.