Make Money as a Cosplayer

How to Make Money As A Cosplayer -10 Pro Tips

Cosplay is one of the most enjoyable and fun hobbies that some people have in which they become the anime character they like for real. To be someone’s favorite anime, movie, or cartoon character in the real world is totally something unique and exciting.

However, it takes a lot of effort and dedication in making the outfits, gears, makeup and everything necessary for the play. It is not easy, but you can make money out of being a cosplayer.

There are a lot of ways on how cosplayers can earn money whether as a professional cosplayer or not. This article will give you some tips on how you can make money as a cosplayer.

There are a lot of things that you can do and activities that you can create so that you can earn money in your favorite hobby as a cosplayer.

1. Be Invited to Various Social Events

Cosplayers are entertaining to watch. You can be invited to birthday parties, concerts, and other events as an entertainer in which people can take a picture of you all throughout the event. You will be posing for the camera mingling with guests and playing with them.

Although of course, you have to make sure that your costume, makeup and gears are of quality and your actions and behavior are the same as the character that you are portraying.

Companies and private individuals are looking for this unique kind of entertainment that can make their participants and guests happy.

Medieval costumes are a popular choice among cosplayers for events and parties. With the intricate designs and attention to detail, historical medieval costumes can transport you to another era and bring characters to life.

Whether you’re portraying a knight, a princess, or a peasant, the right costume, makeup, and accessories can make for an unforgettable entertainment experience for party guests.

2. Make YouTube V-logs

Wouldn’t it be amazing to make an adventure movie kind of vlog of you as a cosplayer? This depends of course on who the character that you are portraying is.

You can as well make entertaining content that people will want to subscribe to and follow on YouTube, because of the unique adventures of your anime character. The more subscribers and views you have the more that YouTube will pay you. You are on your way to becoming the next YouTube star.

3. Be a Social Media Cosplayer Live Streamer

Live streamers today are just ordinary people making unique content on social media. You might want to level it up to a notch by being a cosplayer influencer in which you live stream as a cosplayer with your costume on?

This way you can get a lot of followers and businesses will want to advertise their products and services on your live stream, which means that they will pay you to do that.

4. Be a Cosplayer Gamer

Why not become the character of your favorite online game today and be a gamer, you dress up, as your favorite character of the game that you are playing and you play that game? For sure it will give you a lot of viewers and regular followers as a gamer that businesses will notice and get you as their advertiser and make you a marketer of their products and services.

5. Costume for Rent

If you have many complete costumes of an anime, cartoon, or movie character, you can let people rent them. You can sew and create your costumes for rent. It is a good source of money as a cosplayer.

6. Create a Cosplay Event

cosplay event

Collaborate with other cosplayers in your place and create a cosplay stage event in which people will watch their favorite anime character that comes alive and use their unique powers on the stage.

This is something new that people will be curious about and most likely they will watch and pay for it!

7. Cosplay Model

Modeling is never an outdated way of earning money. Being a cosplay model is also a good source of money.

If you are a cosplayer, just make sure that you have a good costume, camera, makeup, lighting, and photographer so that your photos will look great and turn them into a poster, calendar designs, to name a few.

8. Sell Cosplay T-shirts

In a cosplayer suit, you can print your photos in a t-shirt, make a  T-shirt brand out of your design as a cosplayer and sell it in malls, boutiques, clothing stores,  and online.

Having your brand of the t-shirt as a cosplayer is a good way of making money. You can sell your t-shirt also in social media and on shopping websites. Or you may start your own clothing cosplay brand t-shirts store in your place.

9. Be a Cosplayer Marketer and Event Host

There are companies that are keen on finding people to market their products, being a cosplay marketer online wherein you dress up as a specific character requested by the company and then find and attract clients and customers for the company, which can increase their website and social media traffic and most importantly their profit.

Event hosting is usually hosted by individuals wearing formal or casual clothing. This is an opportunity for you to become a cosplayer event host that will make it more interesting and entertaining to the guests and participants of certain events.

Wearing your own favorite or requested character is a unique way of being an event host that will surely make you a competitive event host and companies will want to pay you more for it.

10. Create Cosplayer Food Brand

Make cosplayer drinks, candies, cakes, etc. that will represent you as a cosplayer that all cosplayer and cosplayer fans will love to eat, drink, and munch on.

People love to eat as long as your food is safe to eat there will be no problem with that. Promoting a specific food or drink that cosplayers consume is a great idea to make money as a cosplayer.

Cosplay is an expensive hobby but fulfilling once you become the character that you want to portray. Aside from being satisfied as a cosplayer these tips for you to earn money from being a cosplayer makes your hobby more interesting.

There are more creative ways how you can make money as a cosplayer it will depend on your skillset and creativity. Getting ideas from these tips will make you think of ways on how you will implement these tips that you have read in this article.