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How To Start Your Website For Free Right Now

Are you wondering how to start your website for free? Or maybe you have several questions about the whole process. Starting a website can seem intimidating and overwhelming.

There are many tools and platforms that can allow you to create a website for free within minutes. Furthermore, you do not need any programming skills to start your website for free.

You may have your own reasons for starting a website. For example, you may want to start a website because you want to:

  • make money
  • get exposure
  • become an author

But how do you start your website for free? There are five steps of starting a website for free.

1. Pick a website name

The most effective way of finding a great name for your website is to choose your niche. The website name can also be the domain name.

To choose a great name for your website, follow the following tips.

  • Keep the name short, simple and easy to remember or type
  • Do not use hyphens and numbers
  • Make the name unique
  • Research your competition
  • Make it relevant to your offering

It is important to make your website name descriptive. This ensures that online readers can tell what the website is all about. If you want to blog about a start your website specific theme, make sure the theme is included somehow in your website name.

Once you have great name ideas for your website your next step is to choose an extension for your domain.

A is the most recommended domain extension, but .org or .net can work perfectly. When you pick a name, make sure it is not already registered. If the name is already registered, try a different extension. For example, if you chose, try A great list of free website builders you can find at

Alternatively, you can add small words to the name like “my”, “the”, etc. In this case, your domain name will be

2. Customize your website

You can customize your website without a hosting plan. To customize your website, you need a domain name and then choose the best website builder.

There are many website builders today that it can be overwhelming to determine which one is the best. However, a great list of free website builders you can find at

A website builder is simply a tool, or a program, that helps you build your website. A website builder can be an offline website builder or an online website builder.

If you don’t have any programming knowledge, use an online website builder. This is a web-based program that runs on a provider’s service. An online website builder comes with free website hosting services.

Therefore, you do not need to purchase any hosting plans to use the website builder. Website builders are very powerful. You can use these tools to build your website for free without investing your money.

Furthermore, website builders can help you get an excellent website design with responsive and beautifully looking templates. All these can be achieved within minutes and with no coding skills.

Although website builders are different, they all work the same. To use a website builder, you will start by selecting a design template. This template should fit your needs.

Website builders have thousands of web templates and it is easy to choose the best. Each web template has built-in content and elements. You can edit the elements by replacing the images and text with your own.

You can re-arrange the page elements by dragging and dropping. If you want to enhance the website, you will have to add new widgets and elements. Standard widgets and elements include forms, videos, photo galleries, images, blogs, etc.

3. Get your website online

After picking the name and customizing your website, you need to get it online. You only need a hosting platform to get the website online. Hosting nowadays is very cheap.

Many companies offer hosting services for free. However, free hosting companies do not offer any guarantees. For a reputable and reliable hosting service, the cost is between £1 and £10 per month or more.

4. Publish or write your content

Once your website is up and running, the next step is to publish or write your first content.

The web hosting company will give you an editor you can use to publish your content. This editor will allow you to add pictures, videos or text to your website.

5. Promote your website

Creating a professionally looking website and writing content is the beginning of your journey. To attract people to the blog you will need to spend money and time promoting the website.

You can promote your website by sharing post links on your social media accounts or online forums.