Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services

15 Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services You Must Know

The pandemic must have affected businesses in many different ways but it also made hybrid roles and remote jobs available, all to the comfort of employees and virtual assistants who happen to support variety of clients, local and abroad. It appears that virtual services have already been in effect in most places, especially for busy CEOs who does not have offices yet requires help for clerical and administrative works.

Online programs and courses were developed and promoted among affiliates and interested virtual assistants from all over the world. Virtual Assistant communities grew and sprouted like mushrooms. Social Media has become the marketplace for services offered. Clients now have an ocean to find the most appealing service providers to take care of the task at hand. Here are 15 of the most in-demand virtual assistant services you must know of.


Everyone can write but only a few can write copies that sell. This is what copywriting is all about. Online business owners and eCommerce opened the gateway for content writers and copy creators whose intent are all to make a program or a product sell. Copywriting is top in the list as demand for this type of service has grown far and wide, both in virtual and printed materials. The battle is now among those who does better, if not the best copies.

Email Marketing

Contrary to the fact that emails have lost its marketing magic when the social media have evolved, it still does have great power over prospects and leads, only when a good email marketer knows the runarounds of getting them to click and read through whatever was sent to them. Emails are still as important as all the other online marketing stints. It is still being widely used and VAs specialized in this trade are highly needed.

Website Development

Since the online marketing and product distribution has gone online, the cravings for a beautiful website have grown. Website developers made lucrative business out of their skill in creating website designs to suit every business owner’s taste. Layout plans get agreed prior during the planning stage and it goes between both the client and the service provider.

Social Media Management

Social Media Pages is the new brochure and shopping center at the same time. As a result, busy traders are now into hiring virtual manager or the social media supervisor who will technically be in charge of client interaction, promoting awareness, and even processing of requests and orders. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever social media platform there is, you can always find a VA who is an expert on it.

Graphic Design

Creating newsletters, presentations, and marketing collaterals can be a struggle for those who are not into it. This is what graphic designers are skilled with. They are trained for creating virtual designs which are according to the needs of whoever hired them.

Visual Art

Creating visuals with the aid of technology is the new trend. Artists can now work with virtual canvasses as they can create a layout and input content relevant to the art made. Creative visuals and art made with the use of computers are so vast anyone can find an artist whose niche is almost just about anything. Newsletters and print ads are currently made with ease, all with the aid of tools, both paid and free. This is another in-demand service made available by virtual assistants to clients who require help about this type of work.

Online Business Management

OBM for short, this virtual assistant service is technically handled by someone who manages everything about the business. It could be a combination of marketing, customer service, and social media interaction. Managing online businesses means being available for both the clients and the customers at anytime there is a need. A smart OBM is equipped with calendar and schedule of activities in a regular basis.

Pinterest Management

Just like any other social media management services, any virtual assistant whose specialty is Pinterest, is understood to know the platform and its operation. Businesses of today are not limited to Instagram and Facebook as another social media platform is available and in-demand in one area but those. It is equivalent to managing an actual business or physical shop, only with a limitation of personally dealing with clients.

Instagram Caption Making

Depending on the Instagram business requirement of the client, an IG caption maker can basically take care of updates and magnetizing prospects in a certain network. The goal is to make the online public or the target audience notice the offerings a social media, specifically Instagram for business account is trying to make known of.

Facebook Ads Strategy

Facebook has Meta Ads for use among business owners hiring FB Ads strategists. Deals between who pays for the ads are discussed primarily but the idea is that this service is one of those being offered and the most in-demand among virtual assistant service providers all over the world. Regardless of the country the client and the service providers are from, as long as there is internet connection, the service will be delivered.

Podcast Transcription

Celebrities and influencers resorted to Podcast as another platform to reach out to their desired audiences. There are cases when whatever they produce as an audio would require transcribing. This is to cater to clients who preferred reading over listening. Most of these people are busy they would simply hire someone to take care of the audio to text part of the business. Among others, this is one of those in-demand VA services, to date.

Video Editing

There are those who are professional videographers. There are also those who specializes in editing videos. This type of service is paying more compared to some others as it involves talent and skill in such a field. It does not necessarily mean that one must have finished Information Technology course in order to become a graphic designer. It is even surprising that sometimes, service providers who never had proper education for it makes it better than those who did.

SEO Management

Virtual shopping is now everywhere, thanks to the interconnectivity of people who have access to the internet. Selling and buying of stuff, even educational programs, has become easy and lucrative, most especially when a copywriter creates the marketing for the public to take notice. Search Engine Optimization for brand visibility is best addressed by an SEO Manager.

Resume Making

This is a skill not familiar to every Virtual Assistant, although it is normally being asked when someone is seeking employment, online or in person. As a result, Resume Makers are earning from people who would basically hire their services to create a flashy and interesting resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) needed for a job application. This is a one-time task but it is actually an earning source among resume experts.

General Admin

Consistent and relevant series of administrative tasks can be tiring but a General Admin might do the trick. As long as the VA understands and know what ticks the probable clients, the chances of having the routine work done regularly is high. Buyers tend to patronize and retain services of an efficient General Admin VA.