Myfastfile alternative. Try something better. is a good Myfastfile alternative as torrent downloading service. When you need to securely download files from BitTorrent at great rate and without a need to install any programs on your machine we recommend you to use such torrent services like Bitport.

Why you may need to download torrents online

Though BitTorrent is more popular for sharing not legal content than other means, it does have a number of rather legitimate usages. You’ll find a quite a few large computer files such as Linux ISO that have been obtainable on BitTorrent for ages and a number of game developers also using torrents for distributing the  fixes and improvements. Torrent has been about for more than a ten years and is only a method widely used to distribute files on the Web and it’ a pity when someone says the word, it’ automatically connected to piracy.

Quite a number of school networks, business networks and in recent times even Internet providers are completely blocking or throttling users from  using BitTorrent as it is capable to guzzle huge amounts of bandwidth, leaving little or no  bandwidth for other users. Or what if anyone can download torrents okay but just don’ want to install a program such as BitTorrent or Deluge on his computer because he might not want to use it so often?

Bitportio as Myfastfile alternative

One method to obtain a torrent file without using a torrent client is by doing it having simply a web browser. This has a couple of pros, one of which is you don’t have to run or setup any applications on your machine. And secondly, it can also bypass any limitations enforced on you by your employer, college or ISP. being a myfastfile alternative is one among these ways to obtain files from BitTorrent without the need for using a torrent application on your machine. It will find, transfer, and stream  torrents to you, all with a incredible degree of safety and ease.

Using Bitport is pretty simple. Once you’ve got an account, you log in a web dashboard, from where everything happens. You can link to a torrent file or magnet link, or submit a file by yourself. The torrent is  downloaded (you can download a group  at the same time, or queue downloads for later), and as soon as it is saved in the private cloud storage account, you can download it, or more likely just stream the file online. as myfastfile alternative

To torrent the file via such service has several major benefits for the user. The big one is speed: because the torrent is being received by a server located in a data center, everything happen much faster. A years-old file with a couple seeders got pulled down at 15MB/s, for instance. In the case of popular torrents, the download is rapid (i.e, if any other Bitport user has downloaded identical file recently, it seems to appear straight away in your own account, and you can stream  immediately).

Other advantages

Confidentiality is one more benefit: as a result of files aren’t saved on user’s personal machine, and connections are encrypted, it would be much harder for the content owners to stop infringement. And, when some one is particularly paranoid, it will be possible to use a VPN or Tor to access the service.

Obviously, that drives all the risk to Bitport. They have rigorous terms of use  that restrict downloading copyrighted content. Bitport additionally told that it would abide by takedown demands for proprietary content if they had to — but as soon as nothing is publicly presented, that has not happened so far.

Another thing worth considering is that there’s a identical service, which has been known for a time, named (another myfastfile alternative). It provides almost  the same features — but remarkably, doesn’t have a free plan, though you really get a lot more storage for your $$$ in the higher plans. Fees on Bitport go from about $5-$15, getting you around 30GB and 250GB of storage space.

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