Time Tracking Software Selection Guide

Do you know that there are more than 90 different time tracking applications on the market today? Even the construction industry is nowadays using construction project scheduling software to manage their time.

We’ve spent dozens of hours to test some of them and create this guide that will help you in making the decision which time tracking software fits your needs. Enjoy!

If you’re a developer of some time tracking software and you wish it could be in this list contact us.

Define your perfect application:

I'm looking forStandalone AppSAASOn-premiseand would like to use it forFree
I'll use it onWebWindowsMACLinuxAndroidiOSFirefoxChrome
I'll trackMyselfTeamContractorsand pay my workers byPayPalKo-KardTransferWisePayoneer
In addition I want to trackScreenshotsWebcamApps/WebsitesKeys / MouseGPS Location
I'll createInvoiceswithRetainersDiscountsExpensesTaxes
and payable byPayPalLawPayStripeAuthorize.NetSage Pay
I'll export reports to.XLS.CSV.PDF.TXTand alsoPrintthem
I also want such additional features asPayrollsPOTAlertsText MessagesCurrent StatusLegal featuresProject mgmt
I needOpen APIand integration withBasecampGitBeansTalkPlanscopeTrelloZendeskJIRAFresh BooksQuick BooksFreshDeskAsana
How to use: as you select options that are vital for your ideal application, the list is being reduced to the apps that match the criteria. That simple!

All apps

actiTIME logo


Time tracker with budget control and project management features
Free SAAS On-premise Web Android iOS Team Invoices Expenses Discounts Taxes POT Alerts Project mgmt .CSV .TXT Print Quick Books

Allows you to keep records of team's working time in terms of customers, projects and tasks. Looks good for team management purposes, rather than for a personal time tracking.

* Provides such management features as task estimates and completion tracking, deadline reminders and budget control notifications.

  • Free basic functionality for small teams (up to 5 users)
  • Nice design with color schema selection
  • Can installed on your intranet server
    actiTIME cost of workactiTIME iphone appactiTIME team performanceactiTIME time trackingactiTIME user list
    Time Doctor logo

    Time Doctor

    Supervision and payment for employees' working time
    Free SAAS Web Windows MAC Linux Android iOS Myself Team Contractors PayPal Ko-Kard TransferWise Screenshots Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse Webcam Expenses Payrolls Alerts Current Status .XLS .CSV Print Open API Basecamp Trello Zendesk JIRA Fresh Books Quick Books FreshDesk Asana

    Allows finding out the activities employees spend their working time on and how much time was spent on a particular task. You will know how much you should pay your employee and for what.

    * Saves screenshots (optional) and tracks used apps

    • Allows to prioritize your tasks
    • Online payments to employees
      Time Doctor idleTime Doctor reportTime Doctor screenshotsTime Doctor timer
      Hubstaff logo


      Time traсking for remote teams
      Free SAAS Web Windows MAC Linux iOS Myself Team Contractors PayPal Payoneer Screenshots Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse GPS Location Payrolls Current Status .CSV .PDF Open API Basecamp Git Trello Zendesk JIRA Quick Books FreshDesk Asana

      Tracks what your freelancers do and how much they work, showing their current status and screenshots. Allows paying them immediately. Similar to Worksnaps, but with ability to pay contractors and without invoicing.

      * Staffing services and GPS tracking are also available

      • Modern interface
      • Integrates with more than 20 third-party application
      • One account supports several organizations
      • Free for one user with 'Limited User Settings'
      • Not good for invoicing customers
      • Dashboard refresh is not frequent enough
      • Windows client application stays in your taskbar
      Hubstaff mac trackerHubstaff screenshotsHubstaff timesheets
      Screenshot Monitor logo

      Screenshot Monitor

      Takes screenshots and tracks working time
      Free SAAS Web Windows MAC Linux Team Contractors Screenshots Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse Alerts Current Status .XLS Open API

      Helps you to see what your employee was doing during a particular day (based on screenshots) and what kind of task/project he/she was doing and how much time he/she spent on it. Additionally, you will be able even to know with whom your employee talked over Skype and what kind of text he/she was typing (again based on screenshots).

      * Focused on screenshots

      • Modern and simple interface
      • Convenient for working with freelancers
      • Free for two employees
      • Inconvenient for paying for work time (no billing, payrolls)
      Screenshot Monitor appScreenshot Monitor homeScreenshot Monitor time
      Minterapp logo


      Project time tracking and Invoicing tool
      Free SAAS Web Chrome Myself Team PayPal Stripe Authorize.Net Invoices Expenses Discounts Alerts .XLS .PDF Basecamp Trello Asana

      Best fitted for freelance teams and small businesses, especially if they use Basecamp or Trello to track their projects. Makes easy to send estimates and invoices to customers as well as receive payments from them. Allows to set up daily and project-based time budget. Helps to create professional estimates that include SOW & Contract Agreements Section and allows your client to accept/reject it.

      * It does provide a limited free plan (1 User, 2 Clients, 3 Projects) that starts after your 30-day trial ends

      • Nice Web 2.0 interface
      • Estimates, Invoices and online payments
      • Basecamp and Trello integration
      • Time tracking browser extension available for Chrome only
      Minterapp chrome extensionMinterapp dashboardMinterapp report
      Monitask logo


      Screenshot monitoring and employee tracking software
      Free SAAS Web Windows Myself Team Contractors Screenshots Apps/Websites Current Status .PDF

      Easy-to-use time-tracking software designed for remote teams of employees that includes automatic timesheets and screenshots of employees’ workstations as proof of work done. Screenshot monitoring is completely transparent to the employees and they control when the monitoring starts and when it stops.

      • Free for up to three users
      • Responsive interface
      • Automatic timesheets
      • Detailed reports
      • Inconvenient for paying for work time (no billing, payrolls)
      Monitask dashboardMonitask desktopMonitask time entry detailsMonitask timeline top
      Qbserve logo


      Rule-based automatic personal time tracking on Mac
      Standalone App MAC Firefox Myself Apps/Websites Invoices Discounts Taxes Alerts .CSV

      This app keeps track of what you do on your Mac and provides constant feedback on your productivity. It analyses what apps, websites and documents you are working on and relates this time to some project or simply marks it as productive, neutral or distracting according to your rules.

      * Tracks YouTube videos and Reddit subs separately, so you can categorize them as productive if necessary.

      • Simple-to-use and nice interface
      • Scheduled export to JSON and CSV
      • Allows to create invoices
      • Real-time productivity notifications
      • For Mac only
      • No team/sync features
      Qbserve detailsQbserve overviewQbserve projectsQbserve settingsQbserve timesheet summary
      Tick logo


      Simple time tracker focused on budget control
      Free SAAS Web Windows MAC Android iOS Chrome Myself Team Alerts .CSV Print Open API Basecamp Fresh Books Quick Books

      Good for companies working on fixed-price project as it totally focused on budget control. It doesn't count your money, nor invoice your customers, but it tracks your time budget. If you want invoicing, you can integrate it with Freshbooks. If you need payouts, connect it to Quickbooks.

      • Time budget control
      • No hourly rates and invoicing
      Tick iphoneTick projectsTick reportingTick timecard
      Hours logo


      Takes the pain out of corporate and personal time tracking
      Free SAAS Web iOS Chrome Myself Team Contractors Alerts Current Status .CSV .PDF Fresh Books

      A simple user experience and sleek interface lets you easily track your time on your iPhone, Apple Watch, and on the web – and it’s totally free – unless you want to take advantage of the collaborative team tracking functionality for a minimal cost. Allows to create timers with your own project/client/task information

      * Hours’ visual timeline lets you track in real-time or add time retroactively.

      • Simple and sleek interface
      • 100% FREE for individual use
      • Customizable alerts remind you to start and stop timers
      • Track and sync time across multiple devices
      • Doesn't support hourly rates and invoicing
      • No app for Android
      Hours applewatchHours iPhone appHours reportsHours timeline
      TIMEDOCK logo


      Tracking time with with a 'traditional' swipe-card user interface
      SAAS Web Android iOS Team GPS Location Payrolls Current Status .CSV .PDF Quick Books

      This product is different from others because your worker doesn't have to press anything to clock in and clock out, instead just place the card in front of smartphone camera or bring NFC card to compatible smartphone.

      * A special temper-proof device TimeTablet™ can be provided for wall-mounting.

      • More ergonomic time tracking process
      • Easy to use
      • Tracking of GPS coordinates
      • No productivity analysis
      • No free plan
      TIMEDOCK barcode-printingTIMEDOCK employee cardsTIMEDOCK mobile appTIMEDOCK timesheet
      DeskTime logo


      Determines things on which employees spend their working time
      Free SAAS Web Windows MAC Linux Android iOS Chrome Myself Team Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse Current Status .XLS Open API

      Allows not only to determine on which websites and applications employees spend their working time (including number of hours), but also to find out who's late and who's in the office on time. Additionally, it is good to determine your own time-spending habits.

      * Primarily designed to track employee's full working day

      • Modern and simple design
      • Quick synchronization
      • Automatically determines productivity based on apps and websites being used
      • Free for personal use
      • Inconvenient for paying for work time (no billing, payrolls, hourly rates)
      DeskTime displayDeskTime employeesDeskTime productivityDeskTime reportsDeskTime timetable
      RescueTime logo


      Increases personal productivity by analyzing things you have spent time on
      Free SAAS Web Windows MAC Linux Android Firefox Chrome Myself Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse Alerts Print Open API Git

      Helps to find out how much time you have spent, for instance, in Facebook or how productive your general time-spending habit is. Additionally, the app also monitors how your productivity changes over time.

      * Determines productivity based on apps and websites being used

      • Allows to temporarily disable distractive websites
      • Allows to set productivity goals and strive towards achieving them
      • Not good for logging work time for billing purposes
      RescueTime androidRescueTime dashboardRescueTime report
      Chrometa logo


      Combines automatic working time determination and client billing
      SAAS Web Windows MAC Android iOS Firefox Chrome Myself PayPal LawPay Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse Invoices Taxes .XLS Print Basecamp Fresh Books Quick Books

      Based on applications being used it determines where you have spent your time and how much time you have spent on a particular project.

      * Automatic time breakdown based on customizable rules

      • Available for the majority of platforms (apart from Linux)
      • Client billing and possibility of online payments
      • When watching video, periodically popping up message about non-working hours is really irritating
      • Issues with non-ASCII symbols in program headers
      Chrometa dashboardChrometa graphsChrometa invoiceChrometa popup
      Worksnaps logo


      Time tracker for your remote contractors
      Free SAAS Web Windows MAC Linux Myself Team Contractors Screenshots Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse Webcam Invoices Expenses Retainers Taxes Current Status .CSV Print Open API Basecamp Trello Fresh Books Asana

      Helps you to see how much your freelancers work on your projects and what do they do. Very similar to Hubstaff, but with invoicing instead of contractor payments.

      * Saves screenshots and tracks used apps

      • Free for one user and one project
      • Can take pictures using employee's web-camera
      • The client application (for Windows) is not very convenient
      • Dashboard refresh is not frequent enough
      Worksnaps activity detailsWorksnaps dashboardWorksnaps windows client
      Time Tracker by eBillity logo

      Time Tracker by eBillity

      Time tracker with extra financial options
      SAAS Web Windows MAC Android iOS Myself Team Stripe Invoices Expenses Retainers Discounts Taxes Payrolls POT Alerts Legal features .XLS .CSV .PDF .TXT Print Quick Books

      Tracks your employees' working time and invoices your customers. Especially convenient if you need such payment specifics as flat rate, reimbursement, contingency, overtime, taxes and so on.

      * Offers some legal features like ABA Activity, Task Codes, LEDES Invoicing, Trust Accounting и Conflict Checker

      • Windows Phone application and Outlook plugin
      • Time Sheet Approval
      • Many customizable invoice fields
      • Allow tracking your time even if you're offline
      • Desktop client requires Adobe Air and stays in your task bar
      • No free plan
      Time Tracker by eBillity desktop appTime Tracker by eBillity invoicingTime Tracker by eBillity productivity reportTime Tracker by eBillity timesheetsTime Tracker by eBillity web timer
      Fanurio logo


      Desktop time tracking and billing application for freelancers
      Standalone App Windows MAC Linux Myself Keys / Mouse Invoices Expenses Retainers Discounts Taxes Alerts Project mgmt .CSV .PDF .TXT Print Data Import Quick Books

      Good for those who works alone and doesn't want to pay monthly subscription for online services. Works in terms of Customer->Project->Task->Expenses.

      * Allows to record the distance and time travelled with a vehicle whether for billing or tax purposes.

      • Able to export everything to CSV
      • Easy to master
      • Data backup available
      • Only for one worker
      • No mobile application
      Fanurio windows new timeFanurio windows start reminderFanurio windows timesheet
      Time Cockpit logo

      Time Cockpit

      Flexible time tracker for enterprises
      SAAS Web Windows Team Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse POT .XLS .PDF .TXT Print Open API Data Import

      Made in Austria and mainly focused on Microsoft technologies. Due to its highly customizability it looks like it was made for developers. Charges basing on the number of active users per day.

      * Offered only to organizations and not to consumers. All prices are excluding VAT.

      • Full client application for offline work
      • Customizable data model, reports, scripting and UI
      • Tracks written files and sent emails (via Outlook)
      • MS Team Foundation Server and Outlook integration
      • Also available in German
      • Takes time to master
      • No time counter
      • Uses Silverlight for web application (HTML5 is coming)
      Time Cockpit invoicesTime Cockpit timesheet
      Freckle logo


      Nice time tracker with focus on tags
      Free SAAS Web MAC iOS Chrome Myself Team PayPal Invoices Expenses Taxes Alerts .XLS .CSV .PDF Print Open API Data Import Basecamp Git BeansTalk Planscope Fresh Books

      Will tell you the exact time-spending habits as well as indicate the busiest days of the team. It has a free plan, but it's hidden in the user's billing page.

      * Focuses on tags

      • Stylish interface
      • As for me, its learning curve is a bit steep
      Freckle dashboardFreckle invoicingFreckle macFreckle reportsFreckle timer
      OfficeTime logo


      Offline app for tracking personal time
      Standalone App Windows MAC iOS Myself Team Keys / Mouse Invoices Expenses Taxes .TXT Data Import

      Helps to find out how much time you or members of your team have spent on a project and the way this time was distributed among task categories.

      * Doesn't need connection to the Internet

      • No subscription, one-time payment
      • Requires manual time import/synchronization from other devices or time of other team members
      OfficeTime ipadOfficeTime macOfficeTime windows
      Toggl logo


      Multiplatform work time tracking app
      Free SAAS Web Windows MAC Linux Android iOS Chrome Myself Team .XLS .CSV .PDF Print Open API Data Import Basecamp Git Fresh Books Asana

      Allows tracking how much time you or members of your team have spent on a project and how that time was distributed among clients, projects and tags.

      * Provides Chrome browser extension called 'Toggl Button' that works inside 30+ other productivity tools

      • Simple and smooth interface
      • Free for up to five users (excluding tracking of paid time)
      • No billing option
      Toggl androidToggl iphoneToggl timerToggl windows
      Harvest logo


      Tracking of team expenses and working time
      Free SAAS Web MAC Android iOS Chrome Myself Team PayPal Stripe Invoices Expenses Retainers Discounts Taxes Alerts .XLS .CSV Print Open API Data Import Basecamp Git BeansTalk Planscope Trello Zendesk JIRA Fresh Books Quick Books FreshDesk Asana

      Helps to find out how much time was spent on particular tasks and clients as well as keep record of additional expenses.

      • Integrates with a number of applications
      • Online payment of invoices
      • Advanced invoicing options (cost estimates, advance payments, discounts)
      • Making pictures of receipts for accounting purposes
        Harvest iphoneHarvest reportsHarvest timesheets
        Visual TimeAnalyzer logo

        Visual TimeAnalyzer

        Windows-based application that analyzes working time based on used apps
        Standalone App Windows Myself Team Contractors Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse Print Data Import

        Will tell you what apps your child is using or the activities your employee has spent his/her time on. Helps you to analyze website, document and software usage statistics as well as to know when employees start working and duration of their breaks.

        * Automatically tracks working time, software and Internet usage (That means the user doesn't need to do anything)

        • One-time payment
        • Suitable if no Internet connection is available
        • Only for Windows
        • Old-fashioned interface
        Visual TimeAnalyzer timesheetVisual TimeAnalyzer tracking
        TSheets logo


        Good for tracking employees who are not sitting at the desk
        Free SAAS Web Android iOS Team Contractors GPS Location Invoices Payrolls POT Alerts Text Messages Current Status .XLS .CSV .PDF Print Open API Zendesk Quick Books

        Tracks the location of an employee during work hours, employee's particular tasks and their duration as well as who is working at the moment.

        * Tracks employees' GPS coordinates and allows them to mark time via phone, twitter and SMS

            TSheets androidTSheets dashboardTSheets iphoneTSheets reports
            CaseFox logo


            Time Tracker for attorneys and accountants
            Free SAAS Web Chrome Team PayPal Invoices Expenses Retainers Discounts Taxes Alerts Text Messages Legal features Project mgmt .XLS .CSV .PDF Data Import Quick Books

            Being a bit complicated for ordinary freelancers it's rather designed for attorneys, accountants and other professionals. Like eBillity's Time Tracker it's provides additional financial and legal features.

            • Google and Dropbox intergation
            • Vendor management
            • Offers synchronizing calendaring items with external calendars
            • Automatic data backups
            • No timer application
            • Old-fashioned interface overladen with small elements
            • The learning curve is steep a bit
            CaseFox dashboardCaseFox projectsCaseFox timer
            TrackingTime logo


            Free online time tracker for teams
            Free SAAS Web MAC Android iOS Chrome Myself Team Current Status Project mgmt .CSV

            Provides basic task management and time tracking functionality (Clients, Projects, Tasks, Services, Team members). Team collaboration is mainly realized in sharing of task status, comments and current team member status.

            * Windows and Linux applications are made in a form of Chrome Application.

            • Totally Free
            • Nice interface
            • Easy to start
            • No invoicing
            • Poor reporting
            TrackingTime dashboardTrackingTime iPhone applicatioTrackingTime task timer
            Cashboard logo


            Time tracking and invoicing for freelancers
            Free SAAS Web MAC Myself Team Contractors PayPal Stripe Authorize.Net Invoices Expenses Retainers Discounts Taxes Payrolls Alerts Project mgmt .CSV .PDF Open API Data Import Basecamp Quick Books

            Supposed to assist you in project management, time tracking, invoicing and receiving money from your customers. Allows to 'resell' your employee's time to the customers.

            • Multiple online payment methods
            • Quite complicated interface
            Cashboard desktop widgetCashboard homeCashboard weekly employee t
            Intervals logo


            Task management and time tracking
            SAAS Web Team Invoices Expenses Taxes Alerts Project mgmt .CSV .PDF Print Open API Data Import Quick Books

            Tries to combine task management (due dates, task status, daily due reminders), lightweight project management (budget, expenses, payments) and time tracking.

            • Plethora of reports
            • Document Storage
            • Unlimited users
            • Old-fashioned, complicated interface
            • Web-based time counter only
            • No free plan
            Intervals projectsIntervals task managementIntervals timesheet
            ManicTime logo


            Transforms your working day into tags
            Free Standalone App On-premise Web Windows Myself Team Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse .CSV Git JIRA Quick Books

            Records what applications and websites you use allowing to assign tags to all your activities and then generate tag-based time sheets and statistics. Also provides an on-premise server application for you to monitor your team activity.

            * Exports reports as pictures and all data as CSV

            • Intuitive and simple interface
            • Extracts details (eg. document path or skype interlocutor)
            • Auto tagging option
            • No billing option
            • Windows only
            ManicTime attendance detailManicTime day viewManicTime timesheet
            Ronin logo


            Invoicing and time tracking for small businesses
            Free SAAS Web Myself Team Contractors PayPal Stripe Authorize.Net Sage Pay Invoices Expenses Retainers Taxes Alerts Project mgmt .CSV .PDF Open API

            Especially good for invoicing your customers and working with contractors (in addition to your staff). Though there are no built-in contractor payouts, you can invite contractors to Ronin and their invoices will be payable (if they upgrade to a paid plan).

            * It's a GoDaddy company since Oct, 2013

            • Supports Stuff and Contractors
            • Project Time Budget Control
            • Supports Beanstream (CAD only) for invoice payments
            • No reports and contractors in Free plan
            • Web-based timer only and not evident enough
            Ronin dashboardRonin invoiceRonin projects
            Motivate Clock logo

            Motivate Clock

            Probably the most stylish time tracking utility
            Free Standalone App Windows Firefox Chrome Myself Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse Alerts .PDF

            Sitting in the system tray, it distributes your working time among the projects basing on what applications and web sites you're working with. Also tracks how much you rest and reminds you about working and/or resting time.

            • Completely free
            • Stylish and handy interface
            • Doesn't take keywords in app/website titles into account
            • Only for Windows
            Motivate Clock compact modeMotivate Clock main windowMotivate Clock settings and statisticsMotivate Clock website selector
            Timing logo


            Automatically tracks what you spend your time on while working on your Mac
            Standalone App MAC Chrome Myself Apps/Websites Keys / Mouse .CSV .PDF Print

            Being purposed for personal use mainly, it helps you to realize what you spend time on. Thanks to automatic categorization it may especially be helpful for those who frequently switch between tasks and still want to know how much time they spent on a certain project.

            * Works locally, nothing is sent to the server

            • Simple and intuitive interface
            • Supports Apple Script for data export customization
            • Exports reports in CSV and JSON
            • Compatible with many applications
            • Only for Mac
            • No personal productivity analysis
            • No ready reports for billing purposes
            Timing By projectTiming notificationTiming timeline
            Daily logo


            Interactive timer that tracks every aspect of how you spend your time
            Standalone App MAC Myself .CSV

            Provides automatic time tracking. But instead of tracking your apps, Daily periodically asks you what are you doing at the moment. Allows setting an activity, for example, presentation or lunch. Possibility to set particular days and hours when time should be tracked.

            • Simple and intuitive interface
            • You can download CSV reports
            • For Mac only
            • No personal productivity analysis
            Daily dialog optionsDaily popupDaily scheduler
            TMetric logo


            A free web-timer for teams and projects
            Free SAAS Web Windows Chrome Myself Team Project mgmt .CSV .PDF Basecamp Git JIRA Asana

            It's a time tracking web service with built-in timer and reports. It supports team work and integration with other services via Google Chrome plugin. You can group tasks into projects and the system administrator is able to access to reports of any user.

            • Simple and intuitive interface
            • Completely free
            • Exports reports to CSV and PDF
            • No application for Mac and Linux
            • You can't add new users to projects right away
            TMetric reportsTMetric tasks
            Clockspot logo


            Web-based timer for tracking time of freelancers and salaried employees
            SAAS Web Team Contractors GPS Location Payrolls POT Text Messages Current Status .XLS Print

            Allows to track time with hourly rates or fixed salary. Supports overtime for salaried employees. Timer is managed from employee's account via web. Timer works in the background mode which allows to avoid keeping your browser always open.

            * Employees can manage timer by calling a designated toll-free telephone number

            • Flexible settings for employees' time tracking
            • Built-in messaging system
            • Manager role available in access permissions settings
            • Monthly payment for using the service
            • App for employees is not available
            Clockspot report job costsClockspot time off calendarClockspot timesheet
            BigTime logo


            Nice addition to QuickBooks, but not only this
            SAAS Web Android iOS Team Contractors Invoices Expenses Taxes Payrolls Project mgmt .XLS .PDF .TXT Open API Quick Books

            Perfectly intergates with QuickBooks and Lacerte providing seamless synchronization. Features customizable user interface and flexible reports, but seems to be more appropriate for small and medium sized businesses than for freelancers.

            • Seamless QuickBooks integration
            • Customizable interface
            • Task management
            • No free plan
            • No desktop timer
            BigTime online timersBigTime reportBigTime task managerBigTime ui customization
            Screenish logo


            Simple service for monitoring remote employees' work and its cost
            SAAS Web Windows MAC Linux Contractors Screenshots Keys / Mouse Payrolls Alerts Project mgmt Print

            Allows to bind work of remote employees to projects. Projects enable you to limit work time and set up an hourly rate for each employee. Also it takes screenshots and tracks mouse and keyboard activity.

            • Simple and intuitive interface
            • Allows to connect to employee's social profiles
            • No free plan
            • The first screenshot is taken after 10 minutes after work is started
            Screenish employers appScreenish work detailsScreenish workflow
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