7 Reasons Twitter Is Best To Be Connected With Local Customers

Twitter is the fastest moving social media platform out of all of them, and whilst it doesn’t have the same number of monthly users as Instagram, its users tend to spend longer on the platform than Instagram users, as well as engage with the content more.

If you are using twitter for marketing your business and growing brand awareness, you should look to implement a local customer strategy; this can be done easily and quickly and can increase sales in your product or service. If you don’t market yourself locally and haven’t considered it before, here are 7 reasons why twitter is best to be connected with local customers.

People’s Buying Habits Are Changing

People used to buy from large companies all over the world, they didn’t mind purchasing from large multinationals with component parts made in different countries, but now that is changing. People are looking for local alternatives and you can provide this by geotagging your business on twitter so people know where you are

People Like To Buy From People

People will always gravitate to a person over what they perceive as a faceless organisation. By advertising your services on twitter to your local community and reaching out, you are showing that you are a human. The more you engage them in conversation the more people will be inclined to trust and use your services.

It Is Easy To Find Local Customers On Twitter

Instagram can be pretty tough to find local customers on, there is such a wide scope and limited advanced tools that can help. This is the opposite of twitter, you can search by location, the people who have hash tagged that location,  the tweets that have their location feature turned on and have sent a tweet from that area as well as people who live in a particular area and have stated it in their bio. There are multiple ways to search for customers living in your area, start small and work outward.

Evaluate Competition By Monitoring

You can evaluate what your competition in your local area is doing by monitoring how their customers engage with them. Twitter gives you the opportunity to read the feedback that customers have and witness how the business has dealt with it. If the customer is dissatisfied and the business hasn’t handled it in an effective manner, then this is where you can swoop in and help the customer achieve their goals. As the customer is local to you, it will make the offer far more inviting than if you were not.

Local Events

Getting involved, even outside of twitter can do your business a world of good. A lot of places run local events that coincide with particular holidays, such as Christmas and Halloween. Why not get involved with these and make sure they are put on twitter as they will generate their own hashtags, location tagging, and customers will also be there. This will insert you, as a business into the conversation about the local area and the even that is happening and will open more doors to local customers.

Build A Target Market Around Your Local Demographic

If you have a particular demographic that you think your product or service appeals to, build your target market around this, you want to make sure that your product is marketed to the right people. If you don’t have the time to reach out and connect with new local customers, you can use a website such as Twesocial to help you grow your following and target your market segment through account promotion.

It Is Free!

Most importantly, especially for smaller businesses, marketing to your local community on twitter is free! You don’t need to spend as much money on multiple types adverts to try and attract new local customers in. Simple insert you into the conversation on twitter and start engaging with people! This will take more time than generating and putting out adverts, but the time that is spent can really help you build valuable relationships that will see customers become repeat buyers.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is an invaluable tool for smaller businesses looking to expand the reach of their brand, but you want to make sure you are engaging with your local community. Twitter acts like a live thought board for most users, so if you work with members of your local community, put it on twitter and let the positive feedback come in. Other locals will see this and then also want to buy from or work with you. Twitter really can be one of your greatest marketing assets, especially if you know how to use it, if you are still learning but want to grow your follow number, look to Twesocial who can help you understand your local target market and then start following them on your behalf.


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