The Easy and Simple Ways to Create Instagram Lead Ads

If you are thinking of using Instagram to collect and generate leads, you may consider implementing a lead ad strategy.

If you aren’t used to the term lead ads, it is an advert that you place on Instagram that will collect your targets audience data without throwing them off the app. You can then evaluate the data generated from the click throughs and create leads from it. It is argued that one of the best pieces of data you can collect on a person if their email address, this lead generation allows you to do just that. But how do you go about creating Instagram lead ads? Don’t worry; we’ve got the easy and simple ways you can do it.

Open Facebook Ad Manager

First and foremost, you will need to open Facebook ad manager on your desktop, remember, Facebook as owned Instagram since 2012 and allowed lead generation ads on their platform long before Instagram. Log in and click through to the option where you can create a new ad campaign and then click lead generation, then name your campaign!

Select A Feed To Promote

Most business and brands will have more than one Facebook/Instagram account. Make sure you select the correct account that want to generate leads for. Now, you need to consider your target audience. If you are familiar with your target market and demographic, this shouldn’t be a problem at all, but if this is new to you, you need to sit down and work out who your target market and demographic is. Apart from that, you can rely on some tools for automation, such as these auto liker apps that Bumped has reviewed.

Target Audience

There are three ways that you can select what type of audience you want to select data and leads from. The way of doing this is by manually building your target audience by choosing from a drop down list of traits. Demographic traits such as location, age and gender can all be selected so that you can build your own market segment that you want to generate leads from. Once you have done this, you can save this setting, this will allow you to access it again if you want to lead generate off the back of this particular target market. You can have multiple audiences saved on your pre select list making lead generation far quicker and easier if you have multiple target audiences. To select one of these all you need to do is instead of clicking create new button, just click ‘Use a Saved Audience.

Customer Lists and Source Audience

If you have customer lists you can leverage this and turn them into new leads. Simply upload them and then chose a lookalike audience. You have a higher chance of converting these leads than any other are you will be marketing to like-minded people. You don’t want to be using previous lead that you generated from your last campaign as your new audience for this new campaign. Whilst it may sound like a quick solution, it can very quickly damage your companies and businesses reputation if it looks as though you are systematically approaching one group of people over and over again.

Ad Placement and Bidding

So, you’ve sorted out your audience, now it is time to think about ad placement. Previously lead ads were only available on mobile devices rather than desktop, it was assumed that people using desktop/laptop pcs didn’t mind clicking off their page in order to fill out information. This turned out to be wrong and having to click off what you are reading is just as infuriating for desktop/laptop users as it is anyone else, so make sure you select auto placement as it will cover both. Now you’re ready to optimise your ad, make sure that you select optimise for leads rather than click through as this is the aim of the ad.

Visuals and Content

Now you’re ready to create your ad form, if you are well rehearsed in this, then you will already know how to optimise your advert and lead generation form. If you are unsure, always remember that it is quality over quantity. You can choose how you sell the benefits of subscribing to your customers by using bullet points or text but make them feel like that giving you their information will benefit them in the long wrong. Check out some of the best Instagram ad examples here!

Final Considerations

Creating a lead generation advert for Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult or over complicated, as long as you keep everything look fresh and don’t overload your customers and target market with too much information, you will be collecting valuable lead data in no time. Remember that you want to make sure that your ad doesn’t throw people off the app when they are using it, so make sure you make it viable for both PC and mobile units. Once you have collected your leads from your latest campaign, don’t leave it too long to follow them up, make sure you do this in a timely fashion, so your business is still fresh in their minds.