Ways to Reduce Workplace Risk

Ways to Reduce Workplace Risk When Employing New Staff in South Australia

Making sure that your potential employees are suitable for your business is extremely important.

However, each hiring process has its own risks. You never really know a person well after an interview, so performing due diligence and learning more about the person can be extremely helpful.

After all, reducing workplace risk for your South Australia business is not going to be easy, but every simple thing can help immensely.

Perform a criminal history check

The great thing is that you can do such a thing online. There are websites where you can get police clearance and a proper background check done in no time. The Australian National Character Check, CV Check or the South Australia Police Force (SAPOL) are a great option if you want to start a police check SA (South Australia) on a potential hire.

Establish a powerful safety culture

A powerful safety culture within the organization will help you identify and tackle risks faster and with a lot more efficiency. You never really know what risks can appear, so finding a way to eliminate potential risks naturally can make a huge difference. It’s a very good idea to implement a system that everyone knows and which helps reduce or eliminate any safety risks. Your company certainly doesn’t need any more risks than it already deals with, so having a culture focused on safety and reducing risks can indeed make a huge difference.

Create a hazard identification / assessment plan

One of the best things you can do in order to reduce workplace risks and hazards is to have a plan that’s already in place for you. The main idea here is to create an actionable, step by step process that makes it easy to identify and then eliminate any possible workplace risks. The faster you do that, the better the results that you can achieve. You just have to use it as an advantage and make the most out of this situation.

What you can do is to create a plan that helps you collect and then study the current information based on workplace risks and hazards. Then you want to inspect the workplace for any possible risks and identify if there are health risks. Chemical risks, environmental concerns, even ergonomic risks are something to keep in mind.

Do a monthly check with your employees

Meeting with every employee in private every month can help a lot. Not only will it reduce workplace risks, but you also get to listen to their concerns. Sure, you did a criminal history check on them in the beginning, yet you do want to know if there are any workplace issues. You can learn about insider threats and other things like that.

Improve the regulatory compliance

A background check is very helpful here since you get to stay up to date with all the latest guidelines and regulations. Not only will it be easier for your business to find potential hires with a troubled history, but you can also save plenty of time and money by just moving on whenever a problematic person appears. A criminal history check doesn’t take a lot of time, yet it will provide some amazing benefits and a method you can use to keep risks at a minimum.

Drug checks

Drug checks are essential because you want to ensure you have a conducive and safe environment for all your employees. Making sure that happens is extremely important, and all you have to do is to establish mandatory drug checks. Many times you will find potential hires that have a known drug use history, but they prefer to lie in their resume. Which is why drug checks are a great pick, because they help you figure out whether the potential hire uses/used drugs.

Inspect any of the company vehicles

If your company relies on vehicles for its day to day functioning or they are an integral part of the business, then it’s important to perform regular vehicle maintenance. The reason is simple, you can identify problems on the spot and that can bring in front a better way to ensure everything is safe once the vehicles are deployed. After all, risks can appear out of nowhere, so you must find a way to eliminate concerns and focus on delivering the best experience and quality. Which is why you want to perform regular inspections for your vehicles, just to be safe and prevent any unnecessary risks!

Hire only background checked security staff

The security team needs to be relied on, so it makes a lot of sense to background check each and every one of your security staff. They should have police clearance and no bad reputation or criminal history. It’s rather common for people to lie on their resume, so a criminal history check is pretty much mandatory. This shows the real story and what that person’s true history really is.

Eliminate any risk-generating tools/items

Throughout every workplace there can be gear or items that can lead to all kinds of problems. Making sure that you stick to the latest safety guidelines and isolating those items or even supervising people that use them is a very good idea. This way you can eliminate any potential hazards and risks, while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone. There are many different methods you can use to lower the workplace risks for your South Australian business. Things like doing a criminal history check and getting police clearance for your employees is very important. There are many people trying to hide their delinquent past while applying for a job, and it’s up to you to unravel that. Which is why doing a background check is a very good idea, because not only does it eliminate concerns, it can also assure you that your workplace is safe and free of risks. Don’t hesitate to perform a background check for any new employee, it will bring peace of mind, while also enhancing the productivity within your business!