Web Hosting Providers

Web Hosting Providers in Australia: Pros and Cons

A lot of people neglect the importance of having a web hosting company that can help maintain and watch out for their website, there are a lot of good ones in Australia too that you can choose from.

You just got to do your research and pick the right one that matches your needs. It’s true that it’s not entirely perfect, but what is perfect, really, in our world? Everything has its pros and cons, take a look below at some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a web hosting company.

Some Things You Need To Understand

Your website needs protection and constant monitoring, but it’s very difficult to do it all alone. Many people in Australia still ignore the fact that you need a good and reliable web hosting provider; it’s good for you in the long run and makes sure your site stays safe, fast, and always accessible. Research the different providers available even if it’s in a different country, it wouldn’t hurt to make a good comparison for Australians and their local providers from the ones abroad. Let’s not forget about all the help you would receive if you get compromised, researchers state that over 30,000 websites are hacked each day and Australia isn’t invulnerable to hacking.

If you have a good and reputable provider, it would schedule many and regular backups of your data in a secure and hidden server. So if you ever get hacked, you won’t lose all your data. Although you can’t really prevent hacking 100% complete, there are ways to protect your website and have your bases covered. Moreover, you wouldn’t want any slow connections to your website, a one second delay means pageviews decreased by 11%, which means 1/10 of the visitors will just give up and leave for every second your site is still loading and this is why a decent web host provider is important.

The Advantages Of Having A Web Host

There are so many good things that you can gain from having this service, take a look below at some of these benefits:

The Security:

A strong and reliable security system is great for your website; your provider’s security plans and capabilities are key to your website’s overall protection against any compromise or hacking.

The Backup:

The providers have to run constant backups in safe and secure domains in case of any breaches to your system, so you don’t have to worry about your data being completely deleted.

The Programs and Action Plans:

They have good detection programs and strong firewalls, along with continuous monitoring programs and people working around the clock on it. Also, they have contingency plans to be prepared with different courses of action protocols to solve any possible problem.

Customer Support:

The good support service that you can get at all hours of the day is extremely helpful, you can get in contact with any of their customer service reps fast and with ease. They are fully trained to help you in any way possible when it comes to your website.

Storage Space:

Any good provider should have ample storage for people’s websites, and also run plans to have extra storage because businesses change. So it’s possible that you would need all the storage that you can get.

Bandwidth Speeds:

There are so many different speeds that you can choose from, it all depends on your needs and the predicted traffic that your website might get. Fast and reliable bandwidth is what a good provider should aspire to have always.

Special Offers:

Most good web hosting companies try their best to make their services affordable, there are times when things can get a little expensive. But they make up for it sometimes with special offers like no extra fees for going over the bandwidth limit for example.

Offering Advice:

A good hosting company would always advise you to get the right package and a plan that fits your website and its day to day traffic. With their constant monitoring, they would know best which plan, speed, storage, and security features would be best suited for your website.

The Disadvantages Of Having A Web Host

Anything good must have some setbacks too, take a look below at some of the cons of having this service:

Little Or No Control:

Even though it’s your website, the technicality of running it and the details of the security, monitoring or plans are not really in your hands. Understanding it is too difficult unless you actually have the knowledge to get what’s going on.

Possible Inflexibilities:

We talked about how it isn’t assured that you won’t go over your limit of bandwidth or storage, some providers have a clause in their contract that gives them the right to cut the speeds or extra storage and apply extra fees to get more.

Customer Service Hotline Issues:

Like any service provider in the world, the hotline and customer service can have some issues along the way. Whether the system is down so the rep can’t help you, phones keep ringing and you spend a long time in a queue or on hold when you’re trying to reach someone for any assistance.

It Gets Expensive Overtime:

Whether the prices just get higher per year, or the fees keep piling up when you go over the limit, prices can spike. At some point, you have to rethink your budget and plans, it could lead to changing providers also and that would take time and effort.


It’s the way anyone would make more money, sometimes web host providers pile in a lot of ads on people’s websites. And these ads aren’t really relevant even to the topic or product that your website is talking about.

Your Website’s Success Depends On It

Even if there are some drawbacks to it, it’s still a major influence on your website’s overall lifespan and success. The benefits probably outweigh the bad things, so make the right choice and hire a good web hosting provider so you can have all the backup and support you need.