Why GRE Practice Tests Are Important?

Want to know the best way to prepare for GRE? This article will help you know the details!

Practicing towards a targeted goal is always helps in achieving it. The more you practice the more you will be able to analyze your weak and strong areas. So, it is always advised to practice a lot before taking any exam because this enhances your chances to perform better in the exam. To prepare yourself for an exam, take numerous of practice tests to check your preparation level and you will also come to know the areas of improvement. Preparation of GRE (Graduate Record Examination) also requires practice tests to make you get accustomed to the actual exam. If you have decided to take GRE Exam, then start preparing with the best available resources for practice tests.

There is plenty of availability of companies who are helping GRE aspirants to prepare themselves with the practice tests questions. You will find both the free and paid versions of practice tests which you can take as per your choice and convenience. Make sure to choose some of the best companies for your preparation because it plays a key role in securing good score.

Take a Glimpse on the Details of GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a standard test taken by graduates to seek admission in various graduate schools and colleges in the United States and other countries. It is owned and administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service). The exam is conducted at about 700 centers in 160 countries.

Test Duration and Pattern

The total time duration of the exam is 3 hours and 45 minutes which is divided among various sections.

  • Analytical Writing – (One section with separately timed tasks)
  • Task 1 – Analyze an Issue – one and half hour
  • Task 2 – Analyze an Argument Task – one and half hour
  • Verbal Reasoning – (Two Sections) – twenty questions per section – one and half hour min per section
  • Unscored – Both number of questions and time allocation varies
  • Quantitative Reasoning – (Two Sections) – twenty questions per section – thirty-fives min per section
  • Research – Both the number of question and time duration varies

Eligibility Criteria

The universities that accept GRE score has their own eligibility criterion of admission. So, the eligibility criterion varies from universities to universities.

Top companies that provide quality practice tests for the students and working professionals and help them to crack GRE exam with an excellent score.

PrepAway GRE Practice Tests – When it comes to practice tests for GRE, PrepAway is the first choice of every test taker. PrepAway has several free GRE practice sets in ETE format. The question quality of the practice tests are excellent and designed in accordance with the actual exam.

Manhattan Prep GRE Practice Tests – Manhattan Prep GRE Practice Tests are liked by lots of GRE candidates and also known as a diagnostic test because analyze your performance and gives you the report on your performance in the test. Through this practice test, you can improve your weak areas and can perform well in the actual exam.

Peterson’s GRE Practice Tests – This test provides 3 full-length practice tests which are aligned as per updated GRE exam. Also, there is a proper explanation of each and every answer asked in the practice tests to understand your weakness and strength. These practice tests are device friendly; you can take tests on mobile devices, computers, and tablets.

Kaplan GRE Practice Tests – There is very much similarity between Manhattan Prep counterpart and Kaplan GRE Practice Tests. It is tough as compared to the other practice tests and quality of questions is also superb.  Attempting tougher questions helps in better practicing if you can solve the tougher questions than it is obvious to solve the easier ones. This is also a good source when it comes to taking practice tests.

Tips and Tricks for GRE Exam

If you are going to take your GRE exam, then you should follow some tips to perform the best in it. Here are some study and preparation tips for your GRE exam:

  1. Use Realistic Practice Tests

There are a lot of GRE Questions Online providers available but always try to choose the realistic one which mimics the actual GRE exam pattern like PrepAway. The top practices tests are provided by the ETS itself, the question is really good and helps the candidates to achieve a good score.

  1. Set a Goal

If you set a goal then it becomes easier for you to put your effort in the right direction. Setting a goal score will help to get an excellent score for the program you are going to take after your success in GRE exam.

  1. Give Focus on the Important Sections

For different programs, there is always a section which has more importance while comparing with the other sections. Focus on that particular section as per the program you are going to choose for. For an example math, science, and engineering focused exam will take account of Quant score but the humanities-focused exams care about the verbal score.

  1. Practice with Best Quality Materials

Quality materials will help to deeply understand the concept behind every topic and make every topic crystal clear. Make sure to practice with the quality study materials as these are your first and foremost steps towards your preparation.

  1. Practice a Lot

Practicing a lot will help you to understand a lot about your preparation. You can take practice tests from the known sources to analyze your performance in each section of the test. This will enhance your knowledge and you can focus on your weak points.

  1. Practice with Full-length Tests

Though it might be difficult for you to sit and take the full-length test but before the actual exam at least try it once because it will help you to check your endurance of sitting for long in the actual exam.


Follow the above tips, take the practice tests and give you cent percent in GRE exam to perform the best and also get an excellent score. A Very Good Luck!

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