Best Arrows Elden Ring

12 Best Arrows Elden Ring and Details Buying Guide

Archer is one of the most popular and effective roles in Elden Ring. If you are planning to play as an archer in the game, this article will provide the 12 best arrows in Elden Ring and where to find/buy them.

The information you will get here will enhance your skills as an archer, giving you a better gaming experience.

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Archer in Elden Ring

The first thing to do in playing Elden Ring is to select a character. To play as an archer, select a character from Samurai or Bandit. Thereafter, you can begin playing as an archer in the game. You can either craft arrows for your equipment or buy them from merchants.

What are Arrows in Elden Ring?

The game’s arrows or bolts are ammunition utilized for ranged weapons (bows and crossbows). They can be bought, crafted, or acquired after a match. This article provides guides on how to craft them, where to buy them, and how much they cost.

Purchasing the Best Arrows in Elden Ring

Arrows are ammunition for bows in Elden Ring. You can either buy, craft, or obtain them in the game. Runes are used for buying, while Nomadic Cookbooks are used for crafting.

You can find many types of arrows in Elden Ring, but this list provides the best of them. Along with the types are the locations where you can buy them.

Arrows and bolts make you have a better and stronger build. Here are the 12 best arrows and bolts in Elden Ring (in random order):

1. Great Arrows

The Great Arrows are usually used by archers who are working under a lord use this weapon. This ammunition is apparently used with ranged weapons such as bows and crossbows, specifically Greatbows. It pierces arrows instead of just damaging them.

Damage: 100 physical, 100 critical

You can purchase them from these merchants:

  • Gatekeeper Gostoc
  • Hermit Merchant – Capital Outskirts and Mountaintops of the Giants
  • Isolated Merchant – Weeping Peninsula
  • Nomadic Merchant – Capital Outkisrts
  • Patches

All of them charge 300 runes.

2. Golem’s Magic Arrow

Are you looking for an arrow that hurts beyond physical damage? Golem’s magic arrow is a special type that is used by Guardian Golems. Its impact pierces enemies, which makes it a potent ammunition for range build.

Damage: 40 physical, 125 magical

These arrows are rare to find and cannot be purchased. You can find them at Limgrave Tower Bridge. Once you are there, drop by the Golem wielding bows using magic arrows.

3. Golden Great Arrow

Another special arrow that deals holy damage is the Golden Great Arrow.

Damage: 40 physical, 110 holy

Acquire this arrow for 500 runes by going to the Hermit Merchant’s Shack. Unlike the other arrows, it is more expensive, but it is justified considering its stats and ability to pierce the enemy’s armor.

4. Dwelling Arrow

The Dwelling Arrow can be utilized for both bows and crossbows in battle. It also pierces your enemy’s armor.

Damage: 15 physical, 95 magical

You can buy 30 arrows from an Abandoned or Imprisoned Merchant for 160 runes. You may also acquire them as drops after killing Ancestral Followers.

5. Lightningbone Arrow

This ammunition is made from animal bones with a lightning tip. It is perfect for long-range and mid-range combat.

Damage: 10 physical, 90 lightning

You may craft this arrow after obtaining the Cookbook of Ancient Dragon Apostle. You can make 99 pieces and store 600. Complete the materials to complete the craft:

  • Three pieces of Thin Breast Bones
  • One piece of Fulgurbloom

6. Fire Arrow

As evident in its name, this arrow does fire damage. In fact, it is the default arrow if you select the Samurai Class.

Damage: 15 physical, 95 fire

This type of ammunition is available at Astray (East side) from Caelid North. A Nomadic merchant sells it for 120 runes each.

7. Radahn’s Spear

What makes this spear unique is the fact that it is permeated with the gravitational power of Radhan. The spear pierces and damages enemies from long and mid ranges.

Damage: 100 physical, 100 critical

Purchase this ammunition at Roundtable Hold, specifically from Enia, the Finger Reader, for 800 runes. However, you must defeat Starsourge Radahn first before it becomes available. You may also search for it, but never possible to craft.

You can have 30 spears on hold and store 600 in your inventory.

8. Lightning Greatbolt

Why settle for physical damage when you can inflict elemental damage? It deals lightning damage, making it the best among the best arrows in the game. This ammunition is unique since its tip is made using Gravel Stone shards.

Damage: 50 physical, 150 elemental

9. Ballista Bolt

Probably the most potent and longest ammunition in the game is the Ballista Bolt. It is utilized by weapons like Jar Cannon and Hand Ballista.

Damage: 160 physical

Since this bolt cannot be crafted, you can purchase them by going to these locations where sellers await you:

  • Hermit Merchant’s Shack
  • Gelmir
  • Mountaintops of the Giants
  • Murkwater Cave
  • Roundtable Hold
  • Weeping Peninsula

10. Bone Ballista Bolt

First thing’s first, the Bone Ballista Bolt is different from Ballista Bolt. Their difference is its damage–this one has a lesser physical impact. This type can also be crafted.

Damage: 150 physical

You can easily get this after a victorious match with the Bell Bearing Hunter. The bones you will obtain from defeating the hunter can be easily crafted into five bolts. This makes you store more arrows and last longer in the game.

Afterward, you head over to the Bellum Church to acquire the recipe from the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 13.

11. Explosive Greatbolt

Who would not be killed by an explosion? This type of arrow does explosive damage to a great extent while piercing them.

Damage: 50 physical, 150 fire

You can buy it from the Nomadic Merchant in Mt. Gelmir.

12. Rotbone Arrow

Last but not least is the rotbone arrow. This type deals mid-range damage and pierces your enemy’s armor. Also, it buildups scarlet rot as the name indicates.

Damage: 25 physical, 50 critical, 50 scarlet rot

It is for crafting using these materials:

  • One piece of Aeonian Butterfly
  • Three pieces of Thin Beast Bones

Obtain the Nomadic Cookbook 15 for reference.

Why Choose the Archer?

Why Choose the Archer

If you enjoy being the observant who are distant from the enemies, those who enjoy using range weapons, archer definitely the perfect role for you. The archer uses arrows and bolts in their battle.

The archer is advantageous in a game like Elden Ring since it provides a safe distance from your enemies. Considering the Elden Ring is a difficult game, you should play safe to avoid enemies who can kill you with a single shot.

Basically, if you do not prefer close combat, this role is your best choice. The ranger build, including the archer, uses arrows and bolts for effective gameplay.


Elden Ring is a game that offers various alternatives for battling opponents. You can utilize many characters and resources to become the Elden Lord.

The archer in Elden Ring is perfect for those who prefer using ranged weapons. They use arrows and bows to fight. These items are consumable since they can be crafted besides purchasing from merchants or acquiring them from winning over hunters or killing animals.

Crafting is easy in the game; you just need to buy or obtain a recipe book and crafting kit. Personally, it is better to purchase them since it is easier to farm runes than find rare locations to obtain them for free. To collect runes, be consistent in fighting bosses and enemies.

Since you are most likely an archer, given that you are reading this, I hope this article has provided you with the information you are seeking. Enjoy the game!