Chat HelpDesk — Tickets via WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram

Chat HelpDesk is a Helpdesk that enables you to receive tickets from clients via WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and SMS. Internet messengers have become so popular among smartphone users that companies that provide customer support to their clients have begun thinking of getting tickets from WhatsApp or Viber. WhatsApp only is currently being used by half a billion people and this number is only increasing.

Creators of Chat HelpDesk were among the first ones to launch the service to serve their clients via Internet messengers. Currently Chat HelpDesk does not support tickets through other channels, but we are hopeful that this functionality will appear soon.

Interface of operator (agent)

Workplace of customer support service operator is really simple, chats are divided into new, all chats and replied ones. New chats appear without refreshing the page. The delay between sending message from WhatsApp and getting it in the system in my case was around 10 seconds. After a user sends its first message it appears in ‘New Chats’ section and operator can accept it by pressing the ‘Start Chat’ button. Browser can notify about new chats and messages with sound alert, ticker on the page header or through desktop notifications.

Chat Helpdesk whatsapp chat

Chat Helpdesk New chat

When operator accepts chat, the latter appears in ‘My Chats’ tab. Next to the phone number Chat HelpDesk shows the region where the number is registered.

Once chatting is done, operator closes the chat and it becomes inactive.

Chat Helpdesk My chats

You can export chat reports in XLS format from ‘All Chats’ tab.

Chat Helpdesk All chats

Operator can hand over the chat to another customer support service representative, if available. Also, manager can see operator’s reaction time to chats initiated by new users from reports.

Chat HelpDesk has API for integration with other services, supports automatic replies based on the time of day or week and canned responses.

Mobile application

I should say that this is not a fully-featured application but a bot based on Telegram messenger. Creators of Chat HelpDesk made it possible to get notified about new chats and messages in the existing chats, even if received through other channels, like WhatsApp. To use it you need to connect to Chat_appbot bot, enter username and password. Once you do that, messaging with clients and chats management with separate buttons will become available.



WhatsApp and Viber channels in Chat HelpDesk each cost €90 per month, SMS or Telegram channels €45 per month. Each additional operator will cost you €45 per month. I.e. two operators with WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram channels would cost 90+90+45+45= €270 per month.

Personal opinion

Considering the increased popularity of mobile Internet messengers among users I dare to believe that companies that offer, among other communication channels with customer support services or consultants, messaging in WhatsApp or Viber (popularity of which is also huge and increasing) will not only be able to increase their customers’ loyalty, but also get more feedback. It is one thing to call customer service or quality control service and wait for the next available operator and it is a completely different thing to write a message in WhatsApp and continue minding your own business while operator is processing your request.