Cloud torrent downloader. How to download torrents in cloud.

Cloud torrent downloader like allows you to securely download files from BitTorrent at excellent speed and not having to setup any programs on your system.

Why you need cloud torrent downloader?

Though Torrent is much more known for passing out not legal media than anything else, it does have several of really lawful applications. You will discover a quite a few large computer files like Linux ISO that have been accessible on Torrent for years as well as several game developers also using torrents for distributing their  patches and improvements. BitTorrent has been about for more than a 10 years and is merely a technology used to publish files on the Web and it’s a pity when anyone says the word, it’s  related to piracy.

A lot of university networks, corporate networks and these days even ISP’s are totally forbidding or throttling surfers from  using BitTorrent because it is able to guzzle great amounts of bandwidth, leaving very little  bandwidth for other internet users. Or what if one can download torrents fine but simply don’t wish to set up a client such as uTorrent or Vuze on his system because he does not want to use it so frequently? Here is why you need cloud torrent downloader.

How do cloud torrent downloader work

One solution to get a torrent file without using a torrenting client is by doing so using simply a browser. This has 2 advantages, one of these is there’s no need to run or install any programs on your machine. And next, it may also deal with any restrictions enforced on you by your employer, school or internet provider. is one among these ways to get files from BitTorrent without the need for setting up a torrent application on your machine. It will search, download, and stream  torrents to you, all with a incredible level of safety and ease.

Working with Bitport is fairly simple. Once you’ve got an account, you log into a web dashboard, from where everything comes about. You can link to a torrent file or magnet link, or submit a file by yourself. The torrent is  downloaded (you can download a bunch at once, or queue downloads for later), and once it is saved in your private cloud storage account, you can download it, or more probable just stream the file on the web.

cloud torrent downloader

To torrent the file on the web has several major benefits for you. The big one is speed: because the torrent is being downloaded by a server set in a data center, things happen much faster. A years-old file with a few seeders got pulled down at 15MB/s, for example. In the case of top torrents, the download is rapid (i.e, if any other Bitport user has downloaded the exact same file lately, it seems to get immediately in your storage account, so you can stream it immediately).

Other advantages

Confidentiality is another feature: considering that files aren’t stored on user’s own computer, and connections are encrypted, it will be considerably harder for the content owners to cut off infringement. And, if some one is peculiarly paranoiac, it is possible to use a VPN or Tor to have access to the website.

Obviously, that moves all the risks onto cloud torrent downloader Bitport. The company has tight TOU which prohibit downloading proprietary material. Bitport additionally stated that it would follow to takedown demands for proprietary media if they required to — but while practically nothing is publicly available, that hasn’t occurred yet.

The one thing worthy of considering is that you can find a similar web service, which has been common for a while, called It includes almost  the same services — but notably, is not freemium, though you in fact get a lot more space for your $$$ in the higher tiers. Pricing on Bitport is about $5-$15, getting you between 30GB and 250GB of storage.