Torrent cloud service. How to download torrents in cloud?

Torrent cloud service like enables you to safely download files from torrent at great rate and not having to install any software on your machine.

Why torrent cloud service is necessary?

Though BitTorrent is a lot more famous for distributing not legal content than anything else, it does have a number of really lawful uses. You’ll find a quite a few large archives such as Linux ISO’ that have been available on Torrent for years in addition to some game developers also using torrents for distributing their  patches and improvements. Torrent has been about for more than a few years and is simply a technology used to spread files on the Web and it’ a shame when someone says the word, it’ automatically associated with something illegitimate.

A lot of university or college networks, business networks and nowadays even ISP’ are entirely hindering or throttling users from downloading using Torrent since it is can suck up large amounts of bandwidth, leaving little  bandwidth for other internet users. Or what if one can download torrents fine but just don’ want to setup a client such as BitTorrent or Deluge on his system simply because he does not going to use it that frequently? Here torrent cloud service is coming out.

How to use torrent cloud service?

One method to get a torrent file without making use of a torrenting application is by doing this having simply a web browser. This has two benefits, first is you don’t need to run or set up any programs on your machine. And second, it can likewise bypass any limitations imposed on you by your company, university or service provider. is an example of torrent cloud service helping you to get files out of BitTorrent without the need for setting up a torrent program on your machine. It will find, transfer, and stream your torrents to your computer, all with a amazing degree of safety and simplicity.

Working with Bitport is pretty simple. Once you’ve got an account, you log in a web dashboard, from where the magic comes about. You can connect to a torrent file or magnet link, or submit a file by yourself. The torrent is being downloaded (you can do a group of them at a time, or queue downloads for later), and when it is stored in the personal cloud storage account, you can grab it, or more probable simply stream the file on the internet.

torrent cloud service

To torrent the file on the web has a number principal advantages for you. The major one is speed: since the torrent is being downloaded by a server set in a data center, things happen much faster. An ancient file with a couple seeders got loaded at 10MB/s, for instance. In the case of common torrents, the download is instantaneous (i.e, if any other Bitport member has downloaded the same file recently, it seems to get straight away in your storage account, and you can stream  instantly).

Other advantages

Security is an additional feature: because files aren’t stored on your own system, and connections are encrypted, it would be considerably harder for the movie studios to stop violation. And, in case some one is particularly paranoid, it will be possible to use a VPN or Tor to have access to the website.

Obviously, that moves all the risks to torrent cloud service like Bitport. They have rigorous TOU that prohibit downloading proprietary content. Bitport additionally informed that it would follow to takedown requests for copyrighted content if they required to — but since practically nothing is openly available, that hasn’t happened yet.

The one thing deserving of considering is that you can find a identical web service, which has been known for some time, called It offers most of  the same services — but notably, is not freemium, even though you really get more storage for your $$$ in the higher plans. Pricing on Bitport go from about $5-$15, giving you between 30GB and 250GB of space.

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