Common Problems With Apple Watches

The Apple Watch is not only seen as an “accessory piece” that every iPhone user likes to carry out just for the sake of it, but it is also seen as a multifunctional, efficient companion.

We have all seen the rise in the popularity of fitness trackers amongst people, and the Apple smartwatch is no exception. Yes,  Apple is known to have an almost “cult-like” following where people line up to get their products just for the hype of it, but the Apple smartwatch is at a clearly different league, provided that you can afford it of course.

The Apple Watch offers you a range of different advantages that does make it stand out from other devices and fitness trackers, and if you happen to be an iPhone user, then you have the added advantage of a better experience. Features that come with an Apple watch can include device pairing, data syncing, call management, checking emails, listening to music, and syncing the fitness tracker features to your iPhone so that you have a more complete and comprehensive fitness tracking experience.

Of course, as with all technology, there are issues, and the Apple smartwatch also comes with a range of problems. Of course of these problems are minor issues and can be fixed by yourself, but some issues might require expert repair services. You also have the option of taking your device directly to an Apple repair store and having them officially check it out, or you can look through Apple watch repair | phone repair Singapore options that are available to you.

Screen Problems

The Apple Watch is actually known for its durable screen that is able to withstand a decent amount of impact. However, there are some complaints with some models of the series about the sides of the watch being too delicate and easily damaged. If you are currently facing any of the following issues with your smartwatch screen, then you need to take it for professional repairs or at least have them examine the watch to try to figure out what might be causing the problem. Possible problems with your smart watch’s screen can be manifested as:

  • A broken or cracked screen
  • A screen that has dead pixels
  • A screen that is not responding to touch
  • Glitches or lags on the screen as you are switching between different options on your Apple Watch.

Battery Issues

A standard Apple Smart Watch can last up to 16 hours, however depending on how you use your SmartWatch the battery situation might be different. Once the average number of charge cycles have been used up for your smartwatch, the battery will slowly begin to decline in its performance. Once you start noticing this, you can take your smartwatch to a shop and have them look at it. Apart from that, if you see that your watch is losing battery really quickly even though it is still fairly new, then there might be some other lingering issue in your smartwatch.

Problems With The Strap

This is not really a problem for every person, but some people have silicone or rubber allergy and the straps can make this inconvenient. Plus, the straps can get dirty and worn out over time and will require a replacement. You can choose to get the replacement done yourself, or you can hand it over to the repair shop and have them do it for you.

Performance Problems

Apple takes pride in the performance capabilities of its devices, and they should all technically work fast and well. However, if you are noticing a significant decline in your smart watch’s performance, either because of an increasing number of lags, longer response times, frequent rebooting or just a general decline in the speed of your smart watch’s performance, then you have an issue that needs to be looked into by a professional.

Pairing Issue

Sometimes the Apple watch fails to pair with other devices, and while this can usually be fixed by resetting your Apple watch and then trying to sync it again, sometimes this does not work. If you are noticing that your Apple Watch is not pairing with other devices properly or it suddenly stops pairing with devices, then you might be dealing with an issue with your Apple watch. This will require that you take your Apple watch to an official Apple repair center and have them examine the problem and in case there is a fault on the manufacturer’s end, they will either fix, replace or compensate you for the inconvenience.

At the end of the day, all devices tend to run into random problems, and it is important that we are able to recognize those problems whilst they are still in the developing phases so that they can be sorted before they turn into a bigger problem.

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