New Writers: 10 Tips To Turn Rejections Into Acceptances

Writing is an amazing profession. And now the number of people coming to this profession is increasing day by day.

If you are new writers you should be mentally prepared for the rejection. Every writer faces rejection at any stage. But you don’t need to worry about it. By following some simple techniques you can make your rejected article into an accepted article. For the new writers, these techniques are really helpful.

Read the instructions thoroughly:

For the content writers, editors provide a list of instructions to write an article. A writer must read those instructions thoroughly. And he needs to follow them strictly. Most of the new writers sometimes ignore those instructions. And that ignorance leads them towards rejection. Therefore, to write an acceptable article you need to follow all the given instructions carefully. And while writing the article you should keep those instructions in your mind. When an editor rejected your article check whether you followed the instructions or not. Because in most cases this is the main reason behind the instructions.


The most important point is to make your content error-free. And to make your content error-free it is better to proofread it. Read it again and again. To help you out in editing and proofreading now various online softwares are available. You can take help from online grammar and punctuation checkers. While writing your grammar, punctuation, spellings, sentence structure, and the use of proverbs should be accurate. Keep it in mind that your sentences should be short. Avoid using long and complicated sentences. Moreover, limit the use of passive voice sentences as well. By following these simple strategies you will get the positive results. And you rejected content will be accepted for sure.

Quality research:

For writing an article you need to do quality research. An editor wants a well-searched article. As now you can find plenty of content on every topic on the internet. That’s why now doing research is not a complicated and complex task. Now you can find the quality material on any topic. For this, you just need to know the right way to do the research. Furthermore, use the searched material in a proper way to get escape from plagiarism.  Good quality content will ensure your article acceptance rather than rejection.

Proper referencing:

In a research article, the common mistake that becomes the reason for rejection is inappropriate referencing. Remember one thing while writing a research article do proper referencing. If it is required, do the in-text referencing as well. Otherwise, you can give a reference at the end of the article. Proper referencing showed that you have done quality research work.

Plagiarism check:

Whether you are writing a blog or writing for a website, your content must be unique. If you will copy the text from another article it will put you in trouble. One of the major reasons for the rejection in most cases is plagiarism. As you can face the copyright claim. To avoid such troubles your content must be plagiarism free. And to check plagiarism you can take the help of different plagiarism checkers. Yes, now various plagiarism online soft wares are available for the plagiarism check.  These softwares are totally free of cost.  Therefore, use one of these soft wares to check the plagiarism.

Read your article again and again:

To avoid rejection before sending your article read it again and again. It will help you to identify the mistakes. With reading, you can correct your spelling mistakes, punctuation, and grammatical errors. In addition to that, it also helps you to make your sentence structure effective and proper. Your writing has consistency or not you will see through reading. As we all know that your written material must have consistency. If it has consistency only than it will attract the readers. Therefore, reading your writing piece, again and again, is very important.

Take help from a friend:

To turn your rejected written article into acceptable you can take your friend’s help. For this, you need a trustworthy friend who has command over the language. You can request your friend to read your article and proofread it. Furthermore, he can give you his honest feedback as a common reader. His proofreading and feedback will also help you to improve your writing skills. It will highlight the areas where you need improvement.

Keep a record of your work:

Some new writers don’t keep the record of their written articles or content. It is important for you to keep the record of your content. It will help you to bring variations in your writing style. As for writers, it is important to bring variations. Or if they are writing on similar topics they need to change their writing impression. In addition to that, they also need to do more research and need to add new information. So, if they will keep the record of their previous work it will help them to avoid repetition. As repetition can also lead them towards rejection.

Never give up:

One of the most important thing for a writer is that never give up. Remember that everyone faces rejection at any stage of his life. Whether he is a professional writer or a beginner he faced rejection at some point. So be prepared for this and never let this rejection stops you from writing.

Take the rejection positively. Try to learn from the rejection. In most cases, there is a strong reason behind the rejection. And in most cases, the editors give you constructive criticism. So take constructive criticism positively and learn from your mistakes. Your consistency will make you a professional writer. And keep in mind that failure never comes to stop you it is a step towards success.

Final Words:

Now online content helps the writers in various ways. In the past, the writers need to go to the libraries in search of the content. But information technology makes the writer’s job easier. With the development of different soft wares like plagiarism checker, grammar and punctuation checker tools the work of a writer becomes more impressive and effective. Now with all these helping soft wares you can turn your rejected content into the acceptable content.

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