Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Globally, organizations have been forced to endure a massive hit due to the coronavirus situation.

In addition, since the onset of the pandemic, consumers have changed their shopping habits, and most have shifted from traditional in-store shopping.

Nowadays, consumers are effectively shopping on the web, and lots of organizations have shifted to online platforms to reach audiences and build customer relationships. The monstrous popularity of web-based shopping has substantially improved competition in the digital marketing space, and various trends are now taking over.

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These are the most crucial digital marketing trends to watch out for:

Artificial Intelligence

If you’re still in the dark, Artificial intelligence is currently dominating the digital marketing space. This advancement is predicted to form the center of global industries and business in the future, and AI-powered solutions have already replaced the simplest jobs.

Artificial Intelligence is taking over digital marketing, improving most organizations’ strategies, and delivering valuable consumer insights to organizations. AI tools can collect, analyze, and learn from your data. This helps companies create targeted marketing campaigns to deliver targeted brand messages to consumers who need your services.

The result is an expanded customer base, a better client experience, improved sales, and an enhanced bottom line.

In-Email Purchasing

Email marketing isn’t a new concept, and organizations have used it for years to reach audiences and generate leads. However, organizations have been using simple strategies of adding relevant links to the body, directing readers to specific pages.

Nowadays, however, subscribers don’t have to navigate from one page to the next to make purchases. Instead, buyers can now shop right from the marketing campaign and won’t be forced to exit the inbox. In addition, the currently used email marketing campaigns now provide an app-like experience with great interactivities like embedded videos.

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The Rise of Instagram

Instagram has undergone a meteoric growth in popularity. At the moment, it boasts more than a billion users, a remarkable milestone. The social platform is among the most rapidly growing, and many users comprise the younger demographic. Most users are below 30 years old, and most have migrated from Facebook and are considering it a site for the “old generation.” Instagram is definitely a hit for brands that target this age group, and more companies are considering it a key element of their marketing campaigns.

 crucial digital marketing trends

But there’s a slight problem. The platform recently announced that they’d be getting rid of the likes feature. Most companies and influencers have aired their concerns regarding the same, and you must keep an eye on the developments. While the site may substantially impact your campaign, users may leave the platform for other alternatives offering vanity metrics.

Influencer Content and Live Streams

The pandemic situation came with stay-at-home restrictions that canceled events. Consumers can’t attend events in person anymore and couldn’t even socialize with colleagues, family, or friends. Consequently, people have turned to live streams from online events, branded streams, or performances by favorite celebrities.

For instance, the lockdown period has seen a 50-percent and 70-percent increase in live viewings on Facebook and Instagram, respectively. Moreover, this upward trajectory is expected to continue shortly.

Companies are now leveraging this opportunity to create captivating branded influencer live streams. This way, they can build customer trust and get the most of the moment’s connection that consumers crave.

Growing Popularity of Social Media Marketing

Social networks continue to be a key element of numerous company’s digital marketing strategies. Sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are no longer just a means of interpersonal communication. The platforms have turned into pivotal tools for branding and marketing campaigns, allowing companies to publish content, sell their brands, and interact with their audiences.

Growing Popularity of Social Media Marketing

Furthermore, social networks are increasingly creating room for marketing processes, right from the discovery stage to when customers make their first purchase. Notably, most don’t even need to leave the platform to shop.

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