28 Free Time Tracking Software

You need to track time, but not ready to pay for this? There are some free options for you.

There is a huge difference between free time tracking and cheap time tracking, right? No credit cards, fees, expenses and heart problems! If you’re limited with a tiny budget not allowing you to pay for time tracking then you have to find some free solutions.

After creating the Time Tracker Selection Guide I decided to spend enough time to explore what free time tracking solution does the market offer today and now I present you the juice of it. Enjoy!

Completely Free Time Tracking Software

First of all there are some naturally free time tracking applications. Try them and probably they will satisfy your needs.

TrackingTime Logo


TrackingTime offers you basic task management and time tracking functionality allowing you to track clients, projects, tasks, services and team members. It supports the several major platforms and offers basic team collaboration functionality.

Grindstone Logo


This simple downloadable Windows application allows you to organize your tasks and track how much time you have spent on each of them.

Chime Logo


This free online time tracking application will help you to estimate how long it takes you or your team to do your job. It also allows to send reports to clients and get your money.

Motivate Clock Logo

Motivate Clock

It’s probably the most stylish timer tracking utility I’ve ever seen. It has a nice and handy interface and allows your to distribute your working time among the projects basing on what applications and web sites you’re working with.

Free Plans of Commercial Time Tracking Software

If you’re not satisfied with the free time tracking apps mentioned above you may still use some online time trackers for free, taking advantage of their free plans. Of course, some limitations will be applied, but probably it will be enough for your small tasks.

First I’d like to summarize what I got while researching this matter:

  • For small teams actiTime (has an invoicing feature) or Toggl may be a good solution
  • If you need unlimited users try Tick
  • If you want to see your contractor’s screenshots try Screenshot Monitor or Hubstaff. The first one supports two free employees, while the latter supports only one, but allows to pay your contractor basing on the tracked time

The following table summarizes the major free plan limitations of commercial time trackers today. An empty cell means no limit.

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Some icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane

If you know any other free time tracking software I’d be happy if you share with all of us in comments. Thanks!

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