Chrometa vs RescueTime: Visual Comparison

Chrometa and RescueTime both track your time basing on the applications you use. But how do they differ and which one fits you best?

Here I’d like to present a short Chrometa vs RescueTime comparison. Though these two services do have many things in common, they still serve quite different purposes and I hope that the following table will help you to make your mind in which service is appropriate for you.

Chrometa logo Chrometa RescueTime logo RescueTime
Simplifies time tracking in terms of projects and customers by automatically determining whom you worked for. It especially useful for freelances who work for several projects at a time and having to continuously switch among them.
Chrometa Timesheet
Designed to analyze and improve your personal productivity. Offers some productivity metrics and allows to set goals and achieve them. Has nothing to do with hourly rates.
RescueTime Productivity Pulse
Supports WebWindowsMacAndroidiOSFirefoxChrome Supports WebWindowsMacLinuxAndroidFirefoxChrome
Helps to distribute your time among the projects you're working on
Chrometa Unbilled Time
Helps to see how productive you were during some period of time
RescueTime Activities
Automatically binds your working time to the projects judging by the keywords in application titles.
Chrometa Rules
Allows to assign a productivity level and activity category to each application you use.
RescueTime Categories
Allows you to create invoices and receive payment through PayPal and LawPay. Each project has its own hourly rate.
Chrometa Invoicing
Has nothing to do with finances, but allows you to optimize your time by means of used application and website analysis.
Recuetime Spotlight
Integrates with Basecamp, FreshBooks, QuickBooks Integrates with Beeminder, Zapier, GitHub
Will cost you $12 – $29 a month, with 30-day trial period. No free plan.
Chrometa Pricing
Free plan or $9 a month with 14-day trial period.
Rescuetime Pricing


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