Freshdesk time tracker – what are the alternatives?

Freshdesk time tracker was one of the desirable feature requests in particular from the consultant, web design and graphic design community. Earlier, in order to track time spent on support you had to use other time tracking software (like Time Doctor or Hubstaff) with Freshdesk. This time, Freshdesk time tracker allows you to log the time you spend on a ticket, add notes, and even make the time entry as billable.

So, let’s see how these days you can record time in Freshdesk.

Using TimeDoctor as a Freshdesk Time Tracker

If you still use Time Doctor to track time of your staff members then probably it will be more handy just to connect it to Freshdesk in the place of using the internal Freshdesk time tracker. This will help you to track the amount of time spent on Freshdesk support issues by using the Time Doctor app. Here’s an example of what it looks like when Freshdesk tickets appear in the Time Doctor application where you can time them (used from

TimeDoctor as a Freshdesk Time Tracker

To start, you will require to set up the Freshdesk integration for your company in Time Doctor. For detailed guidelines, please click here.

After that, tell your users to trigger the integration in their own Time Doctor profiles. Once they have established their own integrations (just takes a moment), they can start tracking time for any sort of tickets appointed to them.

Using Hubstaff as a Freshdesk Time Tracker

The Hubstaff app also enables your team to view all their appointed tickets. They can hit a ticket to view its information and count the time they spend on it. When your employees have dealt with the ticket, they can press the close button to mark it completed at Freshdesk:

Hubstaff as a Freshdesk Time Tracker

For more info about 3rd party time tracking programs that support Freshdesk integration look at our time tracking software selection guidelines.

Built-in Freshdesk Time Tracker

If you don’t use any sort of 3rd party time tracking applications, you can track the time your agents spend on solving each issue using Freshdesk.

Using built-in Start/Stop timers, Freshdesk lets you focus on your work, while it quietly keeps track of the time you devote to every task. And with a bunch of popular invoicing software connected to your Freshdesk account, you can charge customers for the time your staff spent supporting them:

freshdesk time tracker

You will not need a specialist to do all the accounting for you. Time Sheet reports in Freshdesk allow you to rapidly build the entire time log for one or multiple customers. You can even get the overall picture on time spent and also compare billable and non-billable efforts done by each employee.

freshdesk time tracker report

To make the most of this feature you need to follow the following steps:

  • Hit a specific ticket to open it.
  • On the right panel, you can see the Time Tracked section.
  • You can click on Start Timer to trigger the clock and then go to the Stop Timer link to stop it.
  • Feel free to click on Edit to manually edit a time record.
  • You can delete the time record by pressing Delete.
  • To add a new time entry, hit Add Time.
  • In the pop up that arises, you can type agent’s name and the time you want to log. You can decide whether the hours logged are billable to the client or not, by selecting Billable option.
  • You’re able to also add a notice on the time record for future reference.

It’s possible to сщгте time spent on tickets independently too. Multiple agents are able to create time items on a singular ticket, but an individual agent cannot add time records on two support tickets simultaneously. Notes can also be added to each time record.