Google Keep or Beyondpad?

Google Keep and Beyondpad are two of the quite a few free note taking services available on the web. You may find them look alike to some extent, yet some distinct points also exist between them. So, which one to choose?

I’ve explored the features of Google Keep and Beyondpad. In this post, I’ll show their differences on a table. Then we’ll also go through some explanation.

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So we see that, there are some bold differences between Google Keep and Beyondpad. The first thing is the stability. Keep is stable but Beyondpad appears to be in development stage.

Google’s note taking service supports desktop and mobile (only Android) devices while Beyondpad comes with just a web version right now.

You should have noticed in the above table, Google Keep does not provide text formatting options whereas Beyondpad features few basic formatting tools.

Keep lets users upload images but Beyondpad lacks this facility. Still you can put images on Beyondpad notes via links. When it comes to tagging, Beyondpad defeats Keep. If you need to share notes that can be done by Google Keep, not with Beyondpad.

Both Google Keep and Beyondpad can serve your relevant purpose to take and store notes. I found Beyondpad as a beta service, and there are many things to improve. Considering all of these issues, which one would you choose?

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