How ClickFunnels Platinum Can Help You Build Funnels Faster

Sales funnel is one of the core concepts in digital marketing. It illustrates the path your prospects take, helping you generate more sales. But when you are an entrepreneur with no coding skills, building funnels might be challenging. And, that’s when ClickFunnels Platinum comes into the scene to help you!

Want to generate more sales and grow your business online? You need to build funnels. And, ClickFunnels Platinum can help. But, before we dig deeper into how ClickFunnels Platinum can help you with your digital marketing, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about what funnels actually are and why are they essential for your business goals.

What are the sales funnels?

Let’s put it this way: you want your prospects to take a specific action on your website, be it to make a purchase, sign up or fill out a form. Now, when a visitor takes a step you want them to, that’s called a conversion. The visitor turns from a visitor that browses on your website into a visitor that takes the step you want them to take. So, that being said, a funnel represents the set of actions the visitor needs to go through before they can reach the conversion.

So, funnels are basically a set of steps that lead to conversion. Why is it called like this? Because at the beginning of the sales process, most of your visitors take the first step, which is visiting your website. Yet, as they move forward to the next steps, some of them drop out and the size of your possible conversions thins or narrows.

So, when you are building sales funnels, you basically guide your visitors step-by-step throughout the entire sales process so that they don’t get lost on confused and leave your website.

Why are sales funnels beneficial?

In general, marketing funnel represents the visualization for understanding the process of turning visitors into customers, from a marketing and sales perspective. Marketers pretty much cast a broad net to capture as many leads as possible and guide them through the process of becoming customers.

Now, there’s no such thing as the one-size-fits-all version of the funnel used by businesses. Some versions have more stages, while others have only a few. And, they all have different names and include different actions taken by the business and customer for each stage. Yet, every funnel has the same final goal: to turn leads into customers, generating more sales.

For example, the most common marketing funnel would include a set of steps, such as:

  1. Awareness – At this stage, businesses conduct marketing campaigns and customer research. This stage includes events, advertising, direct mail campaigns, social media marketing, and more.
  2. Interest – At the second stage, businesses focus on raising interest through engagement. Actions such as email marketing campaigns and creating targeted content aim to engage leads and build interest in them.
  3. Consideration – Here, marketers conduct email campaigns and case studies; they offer free trials, and provide prospects with product information and special offers.
  4. Intent – In the intent stage, prospects need to prove that they are interested in buying the brand’s product. They do so by saying it in a survey, after a product demo, or by placing the product in their shopping cart on the brand’s website.
  5. Evaluation – The evaluation stage is all about decision-making. This is the step when the prospect decides whether or not they will buy that product. Here, marketers and salespeople work together to convince the prospect that purchasing the product is the best choice.
  6. Purchase – The last stage is where the prospect has decided to buy the product and turns into a customer.

So, sales funnels are beneficial as they help marketers visualize the customer journey from awareness all the way to the last stage, which is conversion. Businesses can see where they are losing customers and improve the process to turn more leads into customers. Plus, if your business identifies the weak points of the process and improves them, you’ll offer a positive experience which can lead to referrals that fuel the first stage of the marketing funnel, driving the process to begin again.

How can ClickFunnels Platinum help your business?

Now that you know what marketing funnel is and how sales funnels help your business achieve its goals let’s dig deeper into how ClickFunnels Platinum can help you.

ClickFunnels Platinum is basically the upgraded version of the current ClickFunnels Etison suite plan. You can learn more by checking this ClickFunnels pricing guide by Drip Digital.

Suppose you are already an existing Etison Suite member. In that case, you can now upgrade your plan to the ClickFunnel Platinum version to enjoy the same unlimited features and visitors you had before but also some new features. The Platinum version of the software has three unique, useful benefits, including Daily Virtual Hackathons, Funnel Flix, and The Funnel Hacker Forum.

Among the three features mentioned above, the Platinum version also brings features such as unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, VIP access to the Funnel Hacker Forum (which is available for paying members only), Follow-up funnels, and Live Chat and email support.

If this is your first time learning about ClickFunnels, let us share with you exactly what this software does. This software is designed to help e-commerce businesses automate their entire sales process by offering the opportunity to control every step of the buying journey.

So, how exactly does ClickFunnels Platinum help? It brings all the tools and strategies your business needs to promote, sell and deliver your products online.

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