How to force pirates to pay?

An interesting attempt to encourage pirates to pay for its products was recently made by Pranas.NET company. Being the developer of SqlBackupAndFtp product (database backup), they created and websites hoping to rank top in search results for sqlbackupandftp crack and sqlbackupandftp keygen keywords respectively.

When free licence-hungry users visit those websites they are offered a huge 70% discount on company’s products (except Lifetime though):

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One can see that these websites are nothing special. They are just pages with a lot of text optimized for certain keywords. Their solely purpose is to encourage users to buy a product with the huge discount.

We talked to Alexander Omelchenko, Head of Marketing at Pranas.NET. Here’s what he says: 

We’ve been on the market for over eight years and it is not a secret for us that the network is teeming with cracked versions and key generators for SqlBackupAndFtp. In fact, they appeared during the initial months of product release, but we have never tackled this issue specifically, we rather viewed them as an additional channel for promotion.

But then, after several years on the market, we thought to ourselves: “Wouldn’t it be great to give a chance to buy our products to those who are looking for pirate licenses, even with a huge discount?”. This idea led to creation of such websites. This can also be viewed as a way of fighting piracy… 

It is quite interesting as to where this undertaking will take the company, isn’t it? Will and be able to rank top in search results and, what’s more important, will stolen free product hunters be willing to pay?