How to Pick the Right Free VPN For You?

You probably wanted to access a certain site but could not because of the geographical restrictions, right? If you haven’t, I have! But there’s a solution, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

This, however, is not the only reason you may require a VPN. You probably want to be anonymous, bypass censorship, and uphold your privacy. Still, it could be that you want to seem to be working from a different location, while you are in another. Sounds like magic, I know!

Whatever the reason you have, you are definitely wondering how you are going to pick the right VPN. Right? Fret not; we will take care of this.

But First…What’s A Virtual Private Network (Vpn) And What Is It Vital?

Using a virtualized network, a VPN uses software to connect two computers located in different geographical areas. In some cases, hardware, in place of the software.

Besides what we shared above; you may also use a VPN to share information with another person safely. How? They allow encryption of the connection. Consequently, no one will see the data you are sharing.

Your data, therefore, and any personal information such as passwords and card numbers remain safe.

Yes, even if you are using a public Wi-Fi network connection. Apart from that, in instances where you fear that hackers are trying to steal crucial data from your computer, a VPN will come in handy.

Of course, they use your IP address to attack your computer system, thereby stealing paramount information without your knowledge.

With all of these benefits, how do you go about selecting the VPN? There are some good free VPNs out there we’ll help you to pick.

Purposes Of The VPN

First things first, why do you need the VPN? Your needs determine the right VPN to use. Ask yourself, therefore, do you want to connect to several devices simultaneously? Or is it just for your home-use in different rooms between members of the family? However, look for the type of encryption the VPN is using. Review the features to assure that you get maximum safety for data and cyberattacks.

Answering these and other questions is the first step in determining the right VPN to use. In other words, if you, for example, are a journalist who is travelling all over the world, you may need a VPN that offers optimum security. ProtonVPN is a good example since it offers excellent security. Nonetheless, you only enjoy a connection to three server locations.

If, however, you are a movie dealer and want to stream movies online, then stable connection and speed are priorities for you. A good free version for movie streaming is In it, you get a whopping 10 GB every month.

In addition to speed, do also consider if it has unlimited bandwidth.

24/7 Customer Service

Anything that relates to your security should be handled with caution. If that be the case, then what happens when you realize that your security is compromised and you cannot seem to go through? You’ll need help.

That’s where the customer support comes in. Note, we are not talking about that bot support. Here, you need live-chat support. Additionally, it should be instant or after a few seconds, not anything that takes a day or two.


If you are working in a busy office, there may be a need to connect to several devices at a go. Do, therefore, ensure that the VPN allows unlimited connection to several devices concurrently. Or, according to the number of devices you want to connect to.

Also, ensure that the free VPN is compatible with all of the devices you want to network with. Whether it is a Mac computer, Linux, Windows, iOS, or even Android, it should be compatible with your other device, for example, a mobile phone.


Most VPS are complex. Not so with the VPNs that offer virtual setup. A virtual setup simplifies usability.

However, if that too seems to be a hard nut to crack, consider those that don’t require you to be a tech guru to use them. They are easy to skim around as well as use. Therefore, be sure to ensure the is user-friendly VPN. A good example is Windscribe. Though it cannot unblock Netflix, you will enjoy 10GB free data each month. Moreover, you have ten servers to choose from, all free!

Qualities Of The VPN’s 

Without a doubt, you’ll agree that all VPN’s are unique. Each of them will have one strong feature over the other. Your needs determine the features to look for in a VPN. Consider its qualities, therefore, and determine if it is right for you.

That could be privacy, speed, ability to connect to many devices, among others. Of course, there is that one feature you need most, depending on why you need it. Pick that one.

Go For Money-Back Options

Most reliable companies offer a free trial or money-back for new customers. If you need a VPN for only 30 days, and there’s a reliable VPN that has a 30 days free trial, go for it. Not only will you enjoy the free service, but you will also verify if it is a good VPN to go for when it’s time to start paying.

If, however, you want to enjoy premium services from companies with a money-back guarantee, you can go for NordVPN. With this, you enjoy the safety, high speed, and other privileges you will never get from the free VPN’s. Nonetheless, if the money-back period elapses before you end the contract, you will not get a refund. Be cautious!