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The ability to share PDF files is essential for all types of workplaces, especially if you deal with different teams and tend to share and collaborate on various projects.

In order to effectively work as a remote unit, you’ll need a handy set of smart tools designed to optimize your sharing and collaborative abilities. Depending on the aim of a company, employers tend to opt for various solutions that meet the needs and KPI of the company.

For instance, as online studying occupies a central place in the life of every educational institution, the ability to share PDFs among both students and professors is vital — especially during the times of COVID-19. As the educational sector has transformed into a virtual setting, teachers and professors now share study materials with their students remotely and, vice versa, students share papers, studies, and homework remotely with both their educators and peers. Without the proper tools, this kind of sharing and collaboration would not be possible.  

It is important to understand that this type of sharing is not available on all devices. In order to optimally share PDF files, you need to choose a program that will meet your needs. Before settling on a specific solution, there are several factors that you should consider. Not all PDF platforms are equal. As different platforms offer different services, a bit of research goes a long way.

Whether you wish to collaborate with your colleagues or simply share files with others, you’ll need a service that meets your requirements and, if you oversee a business, one that will coincide with the needs and politics of the company with which you work for.

If you are a student, consult with your teachers or professors first, ask them which service can be used in order to cooperate best in the class. Don’t be afraid to make a suggestion if you are aware of a platform that would benefit your class. PDF platforms are constantly improving, offering new features and services. Your current platform may be outdated, hindering your ability to share and collaborate.

Lumin PDF offers high-quality services and features that can be used to share and collaborate on files with multiple individuals and teams. You can even invite others to collaborate on Cloud storage and share PDF files on Google Drive with Lumin PDF. The following is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide explaining how to share PDF files on Google Drive with Lumin PDF.

How to share files through Google Drive

Most of us who use Google Drive in order to share PDF files, save our files in one place, making collaboration with colleagues less confusing. Using Google Drive with these aims in mind makes this process fast and simple. You can easily share files on Google Drive and work with popular formats, including Docx, and xlsx; however, when it comes to the PDF format, it’s not that simple to share files and gain editorial access without installing particular programs or extensions to your browser.

When working with PDFs in Google Drive, you cannot share files with people who do not use Gmail. As such, non-Gmail users cannot collaborate and work on shared files even if you work for the same company or team. If you wish to share a document with anyone outside of your company, then they must create a Gmail account first. If your company requires their employees to share PDF files with team members on a regular basis, there are much better options available that can provide your company with valuable advantages, saving time, ensuring security, and cutting down on memory. 

You can store your PDF files in the Cloud, but in order to share them, you’ll definitely need a Google account. In other words, you’ll have to upload files after every change. With Lumin PDF this process will be easier and faster. 

How to share PDF files with Lumin PDF

  1.  Select or copy a PDF file that you wish to share in Google Drive 
  2.  Right-click on the PDF file and select the option ‘Open with’ from the list

From there, you will see that files can be opened with the help of Google Docs. Keep in mind that this option does not preserve graphics and layers from the original document. Also, your formatting probably won’t be replicated in the same way it was created in the original file. To avoid such changes to your documents, you’ll need a professional service, such as Lumin PDF.

  1.  Install the Lumin PDF extension to Google Drive in order to start using it
  2. Find your document in the application. From there, you may use multiple tools to edit and share
  3.  Once you have finished making any changes to your document, simply click on the ‘Share’ button 
  4.  Invite those you wish to collaborate with via email, or simply copy and share the public link that doesn’t require a connection through a Google account

Connecting Google Drive with the Lumin PDF extension makes it possible to edit documents, move, and share them with colleagues, and also grants you access to a plethora of easy-to-use tools — the variety of options is limitless. You can even share PDF files across your devices right from your cloud storage. All of this can be achieved simply, without having to download your files first, from Google Drive, and then upload them to the Lumin PDF cloud, etc. As a result, the process is simplified for all involved and your work will be optimized.

How to share a PDF file with Lumin PDF

  • Open the main page of the service
  •  From there, find the App menu with the files you’ve already uploaded 
  •  Click on the ‘Add’ button
  •  Finally, click the ‘Google Drive’ icon found in the list of pop-ups

How to collaborate on PDF files with your team

Lumin PDF provides you with a unique and crucial tool for all of your work and personal needs. It allows you to share PDF files easily, even without a Google account, making it universal. Moreover, it provides individuals and teams who collaborate together with unique tools and functions, making the editing and commenting process a breeze. Such advantages provide many opportunities to develop and expand your work environment, as you can easily collaborate with organizations regardless of what software they use. 

Collaboration doesn’t have to be stressful — head on over to Lumin PDF now and download the extension.