Degoo Review: Is It Worth Your Data?

Cloud backup service Degoo offers its users free 100+ Gb for a single PC, Mac or Android smartphone. Recently Degoo changed its storage policy for backup files. Previously files were scattered all over the world on computers with their application installed, whereas now developers store files on their servers with 128-bit encryption. Now lets see how it actually works.


Main page of the website contains registration form that is simplified to only entering an email address and password. You don’t have to enter anything other than that. After you press the Create free account button your application will be automatically downloaded for the OS from which you opened the website and then installation wizard will help you through the installation process.

Degoo registration

Degoo next step

Once application is installed, you will see a welcome screen. The app took my registration data that I entered on Degoo website. After I confirmed that the data is valid I was offered to choose folders for creating backup.

 Degoo first screen Degoo choose folder

Well, lets try and create a backup of a single folder.

Backup creation and recovery

Application for Windows looks very simple. All you needs is to choose a folder in Backup tab to create its backup copy and then a progress bar indicating file copying to server and time left will appear.

Degoo backup window

Accordingly, the Recovery tab is for recovery.  After pressing Start new recovery application will suggest to select one of the saved folders on server for recovery.

Degoo restore progress

In Preferences tab you can see the amount of space available on Degoo server for your account and connected computers or smartphones. You can also allow Degoo not to delete files on cloud after they are deleted from the local computer.

Degoo offers to get extra 10 Gb of space by sharing unused processor time.

Degoo preferences

When application is running system tray contains an icon with the help of which you can pause backup process.

Degoo tray icon

What about transfer rate? I tested it with a 20 Mbit/s Internet channel. Average transfer rate from my computer to Degoo server was around 12 Mbit/s. It would be interesting to check it on a 100 Mbit/s channel.


Mobile application for Android

On top of computers Degoo offers Degoo for Android. You can create backups of standard folders with music, photos or videos, as well as specify another directory. Unfortunately free subscription does not allow making backup copies on computer and smartphone simultaneously. Application politely informs about this and offers to unlink the computer from the account. I tried doing that but application informed me that it was not able to do that at that moment and I should try again later.

 Degoo android app start screen  Degoo android app folders Degoo android app device limit warning

Fast large file exchange

On Degoo website you can upload a large file to share it. Files are kept on server for 7 days and you don’t have to have Degoo account to download it, however if during the download user will register in the system you will get 3 Gb as an appreciation for a new user. Maximum file size for uploading is 1 Gb.

Immediately after uploading starts you can send the link via email, share it in social network or copy the link to clipboard.

 Degoo upload large file  Degoo sharing a file

How much is Degoo

Paid accounts cost $2.99 per month for 250 Gb on a cloud and 3 computers or smartphones and $9.99 per month for 2,000 Gb and unlimited number of computers.

Degoo price

Bottom line

During the testing I notice some bugs, the application does not start after computer was restarted neither on Windows nor on Mac. Moreover, it seems like Android app requires additional development. On the other hand I was pleased with data transfer rate. Also, possibility of integration with built-in backup copy system Time Machine for Apple OS X, at least for paid accounts, would be useful too. This would definitely be in demand among Mac users. And the key pros and cons are below:


  • Degoo doesn’t keep files on user computers anymore, all data are encrypted and stored on company’s servers;
  • Convenient file sharing services, easy to send to a friend, even if he/she does not have account with Degoo;
  • Simple interface of application, minimum amount of actions is required from user;


  • Non-optimized apps for Windows and Mac;
  • Still no application for iPhone;
  • Testing revealed some problems with app removal;
  • No possibility to manage backup copies from website.