Best Software Developing Companies In America

The Best Software Developing Companies In America

IT industry is tremendously growing and several factors contributes to this growth. Increased need to solve some life problems in the US and other parts of the world has led to high demand of software solutions.

Literary, you can do almost anything from your smartphones app, spanning from e-commerce to monitoring your health status like heart rate, calories burnt while engaging in varied physical activities. Globally, US is leading in software development, thus some of the best Software development companies are found in the US, this has also been contributed by the high number of smartphones users in US which stands at approximately 275.66m according to a research conducted by Statista in April 2020.

Here are some of the top software development companies in the US;

  1. Innuy

Some of the names that feature amongst the top software companies in the US includes Innuy, the firm has offices New York and North Carolina in the US and two other offices in TelAviv, Israel and Uruguay. Innuy software development team experts consist of engineers, designers and self-taught learners that offers highly rated solutions across the US. Though headquartered in Montevideo in Uruguay, it’s presence is hugely felt across the US owing to her high-quality software solutions it offers her customers. Since March 2012, the firms continue to provide excellent services that tackles hard problems facing the world today. Their expertise is dominated across the following areas;

  • Web development

Innuny uses agile software development methodology to develop quality software’s solutions to clients, this is a collaborative approach that cuts across other teams to ensure a quality solution that addresses customers’ needs is developed. Python is the main language used to build robust applications.

  • Mobile Applications

The company prides in development of top-notch mobile apps for both Android and IOS. Basically, they tailor your app according to your needs.

  • Big Data

Innuny will help implement Big Data architecture for their clients that enables them to store all their data generated from both the web and mobile apps.

  • DevOps

Software solutions are developed using the latest technologies which helps the clients to monitor and automate their software architecture.

  1. SumatoSoft

Established in 2012, SumatoSoft has two offices in Boston – US and in Belarus. It prides in having developed custom solutions to over 100 firms spanning across 20 countries in the world.

The company offers varied range of services ranging from prototyping, business analysis, mobile app development and web development. The company is favorite amongst its peers since it develops custom software and turn-key projects to small and medium sized firms. When it comes to specialized software solutions like healthcare, education and transport look no further than SumatoSoft. You can also head over to moore industries for advance knowledge.

  1. AgileEngine

Located in Washington DC, AgileEgine was started in the year 2000, just as the company believes, “Software products are in our DNA”, this is justified given that they have developed apps that are used by some of the top companies in the world like Facebook and Google Play.

The company is known for developing some of the top software solutions and apps and other services like mobile development, UI development, Web Development, UX Design and Software Testing. Top services provided by the company has seen it services sought by some of the biggest names in tech and top startup firms.

  1. Artelogic

Artelogic software development company has its presence in US, Germany and Ukraine. The company’s presence can be felt across US and Europe having developed over 120 successfully delivered projects. The firm’s domains of development include Microsoft, PHP and JavaScript. Innovations is the key pillar for the firm’s growth having been in business for over 7 years. Development of top-notch solutions has seen the firm 2 startup firms becomes very successful and actually got sold at the startup stage. Artelogic successfully picked up due to their competitive nature that assist small and medium business turns into big companies.

Some of the key areas of services offered by the firm includes; software development, dedicated development team, software QA and testing and software development. You can be guaranteed of quality user experience through the support of their professional software developers.

Bottom Line

Building a quality and secure software solutions that solves client’s problems is the key to success in software development. Any company that specializes in developing applications needs to invest in a professional team that can delivers quality services that  meets the clients needs. Professional software developers in Innuy takes their time in understanding client’s requirements before developing their software solutions.