Top Spy Apps For Spying on Facebook Messenger

Spy apps that help you read Facebook chats are growing more and more popular due to several solid reasons.

First of all, Facebook is one of the most popular social apps that a lot of people use to text with friends, share photos and status, meet new people, take part in discussions, and more. These things make Facebook very attractive for online predators and strangers to prey on victims online. For good reasons, worried family members want to protect their loved ones from online dangers and use Facebook spyware for protection purposes.

Employers might want to spy on Facebook Messenger to make sure that their staff spend their working hours efficiently and don’t waste time chatting with friends. Facebook messenger spy app for monitoring employees is usually installed on the company’s office devices. Furthermore, employee monitoring should be in line with privacy laws, so the staff members are to be asked for written permission stating that they know about monitoring tools installed in their office devices.

Here are some of the best spy apps you can use to spy on Facebook Messenger messages.

1. XNSpy

With this spy app, you’ll forget about how to track Facebook messenger online. This spyware allows you to read all Facebook chats remotely from your online spy app account. Facebook monitoring features comes with tracking all chats from the popular social app, viewing all media files saved (sent and received) on the gadget from the Facebook messenger, checking time, contact and date stamps, as well as exporting the recorded data to a remote location. The app is well-matched with all Android devices, be it a Nougat 7.0 smartphone or a Gingerbread 4.0 tablet. As for spying on iPhone devices, the app can also track Facebook messenger if the device has been jailbroken.

This spy app is easy to use and install. As a matter of fact, you will need to access the target device one time to install the spy app. All the recorded data will be delivered to your online account, which can be used from any device and any browser. One of the advantages of the app is the fact that it keeps monitoring Facebook chats even when the device is not connected to the Internet. However, to check the recorded messages, you’ll have to wait until the target device is online.

2. mSpy

mSpy is especially made for remote parental control of kids’ devices. The app provides powerful spying features, including remote Facebook messenger monitoring. The spying tool allows you to access all text messages from Facebook, letting you know what your kid is talking about in this social app. Besides, you can easily view the media files (pictures and videos) sent or received over the Facebook messaging app. This feature is really co-operative when it comes to finding out what your child is up to online. MSpy Facebook messenger is able to help you protect your child from online predators and make sure that the kid is not being bullied by online predators.

In addition to Facebook messenger tracking, the spy app offers spying on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, monitoring GPS location, keylogging, web history tracking, and many more other useful features. The tool can track both iPhones and Android devices.

3. Hoverwatch

The Hoverwatch spy app users have forgotten about wondering how to access Facebook messenger conversations because this app is very commanding when it comes to tracking Facebook chats. This Facebook spy app captures all sent and received messages, including all texts and media files on the device. What we like about this app is the fact that all messages are saved in a chat in a way the device user sees them. So spying on Facebook text messages with Hoverwatch is easy and simple.

The app works on Android smartphones and tablet devices after rooting the target device. Furthermore, the spy app allows you to record phone calls, check visited websites, SMS, spy on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, as well as track locations, and set up alerts. If you are looking for a Windows and Mac monitoring tool that allows you to track Facebook messenger, Hoverwatch also has a quick solution that will meet your needs as it also offers spyware for PCs too.


Simply put, there are a lot of really good spy apps for you to monitor your target devices’ Facebook messenger. It’s a matter of the pricing that you wish to pay for or not.

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