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Software Testing Training: Online Courses for Beginners and Professionals

Like other digitalization and improvements, online learning has changed the ways of imparting knowledge as well. Dedicated learners have no need to travel around the world to visit classes from the top tutors. Thanks to online training materials and courses, the needed knowledge is available for anyone from anywhere at any time.

This article will give you all the necessary information about software testing online courses.

Pros of Studying Online Software Testing Courses

Easy Accessibility

The experienced IT specialist resume writing professionals note that the main benefit of such courses is the ease of learning. But they may have a great impact on getting employed if you mention that you’ve passed such a training program in your job application.

You need just a laptop or a computer system and a good Internet to access online courses from anywhere. It gives flexibility and convenience.

Cost Effectiveness

This way of learning is cost-effective. To take part in training, you don’t have to travel to a particular city on a certain date. Many free tutorials and courses are available online as well.

Such kind of learning does not require much money. You do not have to pay for traveling to participate in classroom training. You can also take part in free tutorials and courses that are available online.

Exposure to Interact with Various Talents

When participating in online courses, you interact with people from various countries. It gives you a chance for better exchanges of experience and thoughts.

The Way Online Model Works

There are a couple of sites that offer courses both paid and free. These can be videos or tutorials. The courses offer demo sites and hands-on for practice.

Sites that propose software testing courses will make a list of the lessons together with other details like the duration, fees, and schedule pre-requisites, show the preview of the contents of the given course. After this, users register to the courses that suit their expectations and budget.

As a rule, there are two types of courses:

1. Interactive Courses/ Instructor Led Training

Interactive courses want users to register and pay for the event according to the schedule. These courses run like learning in a classroom but without the need of being physically present. There are both weekend and weekday classes.

To participate in the course, users should be on the web according to the schedule. They can’t choose the time that would be convenient for them.

2. Self Paced Learning

Such kind of learning lets you overcome the limitation of the previous learning type. After the registration, students get an access to study the material they can use at any time.

Some sites offer materials that can be downloaded during a limited time-frame, and some are available with no measures. Working professionals that can’t follow the tutor’s schedule choose this type of courses.

List of the Best Online Software Testing Courses

There are lots of automation and manual testing courses from different sites. We have compiled a list of the top 10 software testing courses with an online access.

Manual Testing Courses

  • QA Training (H2KInfosys) makes its learners professional in every testing type. It informs about the details on tools like HP UFT training, QTP, Automation Testing, Manual Testing, and Load Runner. It includes live project testing from various domains like Healthcare, Banking or Telecom.
  • QA Manual Software Testing (Udemy) is aimed at the beginners. It is short but clear. This training gives you QA basics. There is also an overview of test cases, Agile process, test plans, and defects.

Automation Testing Courses

  • Selenium Webdriver with Java (Udemy) comprises every detail a tester needs to learn Selenium from the very beginning. You don’t need a prior programming background. It comprises topics like Selenium configuration, Installation details, Java Basics for Selenium, automation techniques and exercises in real time.
  • HP QTP/UFT, QTP Training Online ( includes the basics of QTP and VB scripting, gives access to QTP scripts and assignments that help in practicing scenarios in real time.

Courses for Mobile Apps Testing

  • Mobile Apps Testing Training (H2KInfosys) explains about mobile apps testing, emulators, platforms, testing on iPhone and Android. It tells about mobile utilities that can simplify the tester’s work, like UDID finders and screenshot utility.
  • Mobile Automation using Appium/Selendroid (QTP Selenium) is made for the future mobile testers that will use automation. It covers the topics of Appium iOS and Appium for Web testing. It teaches the history of the tools, how they can be accessed and configured, the various techniques used for elements identifying.

Courses for Security Testing

  • Penetration Testing Professional (elearnsecurity) will inform you about penetration testers, what they do and how this testing type differs from functional testing. Without any previous experience in this field, you can become a professional penetration tester. The participants will get an eCPPT certificate.


  • ISTQB Foundation Online Certification Training (Multisoft Virtual Academy) will make your resume more valuable. If you have a certificate, you will have a priority over a tester without a certificate. This course provides a deep insight into every topic of ISTQB Foundation Syllabus. The participants of the given course are working professionals with 6 months of experience in the field.
  • Certified Agile Software Test Professional Practitioner Level (CASTP-P) (IIST) is made for people who want to improve their knowledge, learn the concepts and implement them when conducting agile testing projects.

Choose one of these courses and become an expert in your field!