5 Best PC Games For Windows

PC gaming is fun and very different from console video games. It has been there for a while and has loads of unique titles you can choose. This also makes it hard to choose a game. However, you can hack this by filtering your top interests, in order to find a game that appeals to you.

PC gaming is fun and you can play it anyhow. For instance, if you want to play a computer game that does not support a controller. You can easily do so via an app that simulates keyboard and mouse movements using a standard gamepad. One great app is Xpadder. It can work for Windows 10, 8.1, 8.7 and XP.

Xpadder is a great app that can work well with your browser, music player, video player and other kinds of applications. You just have to check it out.

You can opt for the old version of Xpadder FREE by checking out Xpadder-Free Download for Windows or opt for the new version at a small fee.

Consequently, it does not matter which game you choose to play on your computer. You will still enjoy it with or without controller support. Thanks to Xpadder.

Here are some top PC games for Windows you can choose to play, during your leisure time. They are among the best, so you are bound to enjoy one or two of them, depending on what you like.

1.     Hearthstone

Hearthstone is an enjoyable game for those who love card-based strategy games. Still, what do you have to lose by trying it, as it is FREE.

This game is based on a Warcraft world. You can play with your friends and engage in a fierce card battle.

Moreover, it is simple to understand and play, although it can be addictive and a great challenge to master. Besides, the community is big enough to find players, so you will not be short of some people to play with.

2.     Battlefield 1

This one does not come FREE but it worth all the cost. It is nothing you have ever played or experienced before. Moreover, it has an interesting and engaging storyline, very emotional too. Therefore, you are bound to enjoy it no matter what level you are playing.

The game features first-person shooters who go back in time, to handle one of the most brutal conflicts to have happened on the planet. The theme is fresh and the adventure unique. So do not expect a repeat of anything found in same theme-based PC games.

3.     Cuphead

This is for those who love challenging games with great artwork. Although unique, this game has its level of difficulty.

It is a classic run and gun game, with a heavy focus on boss battles. Its artwork and music are bound to keep you entertained and engaged all the way.

Although it costs, it is a game worth checking out.

4.     Subnautica

This is a great game for those who love fearsome survival games. It takes place in an endless ocean after you crash-land on an unknown planet.

As a survivor, you are left with one choice, to survive. Therefore, you have to construct a safe home and live among wildlife, some of which are out for you. You are also required to explore its depths, the ocean.

Even though this is not a horror game, it will play with your fears. Therefore, you are bound to feel anxious if you are afraid of the water, ocean, patrolling beasts and limited spaces as well as being weaponless.

5.     PlayerUnknown¢s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

This game puts you and up to 99 other people on a gigantic map with only one objective, to be the last man or squad standing. It has no rules and there is zero mercy as you play your opponents. On the other hand, if you win you get a chicken for dinner.


So are you up for a computer game, you can start with any of the above. However, take note that most are time consuming and addictive. You can never get enough, no matter how hard you try. You can research on more if you want but I guarantee the above are enough to anyone.