The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Squad

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Squad

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll agree that no other military simulation game matches the Squad.

Its strong tactical and realistic aspect is second to none. What’s more, the game can host up to 80 players – 40 a side.

Thanks to recent technology advancements, military simulation games are now on a higher level, Squad hasn’t been left behind. Its regular updates allow for an original game experience. Being a game of strategy and tactics, Squad may prove hard to learn especially for new players. Whether it’s its weapons, controls, communication, commands, or even vehicles, mastering its mechanics isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Luckily, the squad aimbot coupled with this beginners’ guide can easily help anyone get better in the squad.

The ultimate beginner’s guide to the squad

1. Understand Squad’s Gameplay

This should be the first objective. Battles in the squad are between two teams. In case these teams are separated into squads, you’ll have to distribute the tasks. Your aim should be to capture your opponent’s points and make them lose tickets. 

For you to succeed in those tasks, appoint squad leaders that will set strategies and lead the rest of the players. The leaders coordinate and manage the squad. Each member must carry out orders as stipulated by the leaders; else he kicks them out of the squad. However, you can always change the squad if a leader doesn’t suit you.

Players must keep the leader informed of any occurrence so that he can pass the message to other squads. Don’t run to be a leader if you’re a novice. Wait until after at least 100 hours of play. Some servers will punish and prohibit you if you take a lead before a certain number of hours of play. I suggest that you start as a medic since it’s more manageable and every team needs more than one healer.

2. Communicate As Much As Possible

In Squad, communication is everything. I recommend that you play the Squad with your headphones on, lest your team leader kicks you out after a few minutes of play. As its name implies, in Squad you’ve to play as a team.

Do you feel that’s too much to swallow? Relax. Squad has probably the best game communities and once you pose a concern the squad leaders will be all ears, so never fret from expressing your concerns. Mark you, every piece of information can turn the situation around and give you victory in the game.

3. Master The Squad’s Map

Learning and getting adapted to the maps is key for beginners and an optimal way to master the game. Squad’s maps are not only huge but also come with many versions. As such, play it more often and always remember the location of your main base and teammates.

Also, master how to call enemies’ locations. How? First, open your map. You’ll realize it has 9 grids just like a keypad. Now you can all out enemies’ locations by looking at the y-axis then x-axis and finally the grid number. Alternatively, hover over it with your mouse.

4. Learn The Game Mechanics

Despite being a military simulation game, Squad is not all about doing kills. These are optional for beginner squad battles and what matters most are the objectives that are making your opponents lose tickets.

To do it, you can destroy your opponents’ vehicles, capture their points or concentrate attacks on your enemy forward operating bases to destroy them. Each of these actions makes your opponents lose several tickets whereas a kill costs only one ticket.

Most tickets are lost through the capture of points. The points must be capture in sequence, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th et cetera. A point to defend has a purple shield while one to attack has an orange arrow making.

Ways to capture a point

  • The point has never been captured
  • The point belongs to the opponents. You need to outnumber them before capturing the point.

5. Vehicles And Construction

These are important aspects of Squad. For instance, logistic trucks can be used to carry loads of construction materials and ammunition which will be handy on the battlefields. Construction will allow you to create lots of things such as machine guns and even choke points.


Despite being difficult, Squad is a very thrilling game that can give you the chance to make good friends and learn teamwork. Be prepared to laugh more than you shoot as you enjoy a challenging yet exciting multiplayer game. It requires some time to learn especially for beginners but practice will make perfect. Finally, always makes use of Battlelog’s squad aimbot to get far at this amazing tactical game. Stays tuned for my next tactics tips on playing specific roles and please feel free to share any solid guide that has consistently seen your team to victory.