Why is Tracking Leads Crucial for Businesses

Why is Tracking Leads Crucial for Businesses – Big and Small?

So, your business is heading in the right direction? Your marketing game is on point and you are generating a lot of organic leads?

But are you making the most of those leads? If you aren’t then you may be missing out on a lot of conversions. Do you know if you are doing good business you can boost your chances of growing further by tracking and managing your leads efficiently? And in case you are still struggling to establish a foothold in the market then tracking and handling the leads appropriately can be a game-changer for you. This is the power of lead tracking. It plays a crucial part in reaching the right people and cracking sales. Let us take a closer look at why you must invest in lead tracking software.

Have You Started Tracking Your Leads Yet?

Many businesses struggle to crack sales even though they receive a substantial amount of leads. Why? The answer is simple! They aren’t managing their leads properly. Many of them overlook the importance of this crucial step. Even those who understand the significance of tracking this data avoid doing so as the task is cumbersome. Yes, the task of tracking and segregating this data is indeed time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. You need to employee a special task force to accomplish this work and you may not be in a position to bear the cost involved. But it needs to be understood that you shall face these challenges only if you decide to manage this work manually.

None of these problems shall come your way if you choose to track your leads by employing top-rated tracking software. By making this one-time investment, you can optimize your chances to build a strong consumer base and generate profit month after month.

Lead Tracking Software – How it Works?

The exclusive software has been tactfully devised to help you make the most of the business leads pouring in. It takes them through various levels without any human intervention. Let us take you through the various tasks an advanced tracker can manage for you:

Data Collation from Available Sources

To start with, the software collates data from different sources. This includes your chats, inbound calls, social media handles, and emails among others. Imagine, handling this work manually! We are sure you don’t want to go there. But it is an important part, isn’t it? If you do not check all the sources religiously day after day you are likely to miss out on a lot of sales. It is a relief that the software works in real-time and collates all the data timely.


You must know the nature of the leads before working on them and this step helps with it. Some of them may just be a call for information while others may lead to instant sale. The leads collected from various platforms are filtered by the software. As a business owner, you can customize the system to filter them. You can set your unique criteria for the categorization of the leads.

Segmentation and Ranking

Next, the data is segmented and ranked. At your end, you just need to set the criteria so that the segregation and ranking are done appropriately. This helps in better allocation. 


Allocation is also done automatically based on the specifications entered by you. The idea is to route the leads to the most efficient and knowledgeable representative. Now, we aren’t doubting the efficiency of your representatives. It is just that the leads may be different in nature. They may be for different products and services you are offering. Besides, some may seem more lucrative than others. Thus, depending upon these factors they should be allocated to different members of your team. This facilitates efficient management and boosts the chances of conversion.

Capture Interaction

The software even enables the sales representatives to check the previous interactions with the potential clients. When they already know what the other person is looking for as well as his doubts and concerns they are certainly better equipped to handle the call. This also acts as a delight factor for the prospects as they do not have to explain everything again. They can start the conversation from where they left. Moreover, it shows that the organization values them and is considerate towards their need. It helps in building trust and increases the chances of cracking sales.

Likewise, the representative can enter the summary of the ongoing interaction. The personal information shared by the potential clients is kept secure in the system. It is not shared elsewhere.

Generate Reports

The system generates real-time interaction reports to give you an idea about the way the queries of the prospects are being handled. And we all know how important it is to monitor, assess and analyze the work done by our employees. It helps in identifying the loopholes thereby allowing you to take action and improvise.  This makes it quite clear why you require tracking your leads and how you can do so efficiently. Most of you might be planning to make this small investment by now. If so, you are on the right track. Just ensure you research well about the various available options in the market and invest in a trusted software. Also, do not forget to check the features and functionality of the software and match them with your requirement before finalizing one.