Top 4 apps for Windows Password Recovery

Windows 10 has made it compulsory for its users to protect the computer with a strong password. However, Windows 10 also gave an incredible offer of choosing Microsoft account as its default user. So by the default nature of Windows 10, you cannot even log in to the PC without inputting its password unless you are applying some mischief tricks.

Whenever a user is entering the computer password, the worst thing that could happen is to forget it. If you can’t remember the Windows 10 sign in user then the first thing that strikes in anyone’s mind is to install the operating system again. To be honest, that is not really true, a clean installation is not the only solution and that’s why in this guide, we will disclose the best 4 Windows Password Recovery Tools that could help to recover the Windows 10 password if you forget it.

Disclaimer: The following password recovery programs must be used for only personal use and should not be used for hacking purpose or intruding any other’s computers privacy. Doing so will be a federal crime and should be punishable by law.

#4: Ophcrack Live CD

ophcrack liveCDIf you want to recover the Windows password instead of resetting it then Ophcrack is the perfect tool. However, Ophcrack can only recover simple passwords by using the rainbow tables available free on the internet. The free version can crack up to 14 characters password but if the password is strong then you must pay $100-$1000 for purchasing the wider range rainbow tables.

Ophcrack uses the brute force attack algorithm to recover the computer password and it can take hell lot of time, sometimes even 30-45 minutes. But if you are patient enough then you can again check out the password set up by you at the first point since this program can actually show the previous password used.

#1: LabWin

LabWinLabWin is a password recovery tool that is used for creating a bootable media disk that a user could use to recover the forgotten Windows 10 password. It is extremely simple to use and basically, it can only recover local and domain account passwords.

Windows Key is popular for resetting not only Windows password but also zipped, Android and other file types easily.  It can also decrypt the Android File System and macOS keychains flawlessly.

The biggest flaw about this tool is that it is overpriced and costs $295.00 for the enterprise edition. The trial version only allows making the password reset disk but it will only unlock the computer if you pay for the full version.

#3: Active Password Changer Professional

Active Password ChangerActive Password Changer is another spectacular password resetting tool that we have tested. The setup process is easy which is amazing for the novice users.

Like any other program, Active Password Changer Professional will erase the password from the computer but it cannot recover them. The ultimate result will be the same meaning you will get access to the computer again.

#2: PassFolk SaverWin

PassFolk SaverWinIf you are in a hurry and looking for the quickest way to recover Windows 10 password then PassFolk SaverWin is the best option. You can easily reset any locked Windows computer in 15 minutes with SaverWin. Currently, it has been tested by over a million satisfied users who claimed it is working tremendously. The special feature of SaverWin is that it enables you to create a password reset disk using CD/DVD/Pen Drive.

Moreover, you can keep the password reset disk with you forever meaning you can reset the computer password again and again if forgotten. The password resetting process is pretty straight-forward. Install the software, make a bootable media and unlock your computer. It cannot get any easier than that.

It can reset Local/Microsoft/Domain/Root account password without any issue. Not only it works with all user profiles but it also works with all Windows operating systems too like Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Additionally, you can also receive professional amiable support from the staff if you need any help with resetting the computer password.


We have tested this tool on Windows 10 and Windows XP operating system with over 20 characters passwords and it worked perfectly. Again, the price is higher compared to SaverWin because it’s totally FREE and does the same task. Currently, you can use this program to make the bootable media disk for free and reset your password for free.

So, as you can see, even if you use a complicated password to protect the computer, it is possible to crack the password again. Even if Ophcrack cannot recover the strong passwords, it is good to crack the weak passwords. If you are unable to recover the computer password then it is better to use SaverWin or other password reset tools by creating a password reset disk. And if nothing works then go ahead and re-install the operating system again.

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