Top 5 Myths about Smartphone Battery

Smartphones are our all-time companions. Most smartphone users check their email and other notifications on their handsets at the beginning of the day and carry the device wherever they go. Battery life is an important stuff that taken very seriously both by phone users and the manufacturers. You may see a number of tips and guidelines to extend smartphone battery life. In this trend, there are some myths as well. I’ll point out top 5 smartphone battery myths in this post.

Myth 1: The battery should be charged only when it is completely discharged

You might have heard earlier that, smartphone batteries should be recharged only when it is completely discharged. But this information is not true. The modern mobile devices use Lithium-ion battery where this above information is simply not applicable. Rather you should charge your phone before going to 0 percent battery level. Because, these batteries have a specific number of charge cycle after which number the battery dies. When you completely drain your mobile battery, it counts the begging of another charge cycle. So recharge your smartphone battery before completely going zero.

Myth 2: Don’t charge overnight

It’s another popular myth about smartphone battery. Some people believe that, charging the smartphone overnight will ‘overcharge’ the battery and cause harm to it. But it’s really fake. Smartphones are enough smart to protect themselves from this types of hazards. In fact, your phone’s battery charging system has a built in technology that switches off charging when the battery is full. So don’t panic with the ‘overcharging’ rumor!

Myth 3: Don’t use the phone while charging

If you use original manufacturer approved charger, technically, there no reason to fear using phone while its battery is charging. Some previous accidents are grounds of this myth. For an example, in July 2013, a Chinese woman got injured by her iPhone while it was charging. Investigation revealed that, the third-party charger being used on that iPhone was not approved by Apple. So, as long as you use original materials, hopefully you’re safe.

Myth 4: Turning Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS off will prolong battery life

This one is also popular among the mobile phone users. Many people believe, turning on Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS will drain your battery. Actually when these services turned on by themselves, they do not drain battery. But the apps using these connectivity will use battery. So, before being aggressive on connectivity features, better switch off (or even remove useless apps) that are responsible for this.

Myth 5: Task killer apps can save battery life

Task manager and task killer apps are widely believed to play a great role in extending smartphone battery life. They supposedly kill unusual tasks and services to boost battery backup. But it is found that, third party task manager apps cannot actually prolong battery life. Because, the smartphone operating systems like iOS,

Android and Windows Phone OS are smart enough to handle this issue. The system itself shuts down unusual tasks and save resource. If still there is a suspicious activity, that could be turned off by their built in task managers. So don’t bother with so called ‘performance booster’ task managers.