Ext On PS4 Controller

What Is The Ext On PS4 Controller? Everything You Need To Learn

In 2020 Sony upgraded their controller system to the Dual Sense controller. With it many new additions can be seen and enjoyed by the user. Not only can it endure more usage, there are plenty of features that are really useful for the player. Below we will focus on what the Ext on PS4 controller and all of its benefits.

What Is The Ext On A PS4 Controller?

The Ext port has been added to the PS4 Dual Shock controller for users to plug in external devices. Ext is the abbreviation of extension, for some users they would not have paid any notice to it until recently. In this section you can insert USB-C cables, headphones or a headset, a keyboard or a charging station. This is a very versatile extension port and has many valuable uses.

What Can The Ext On A PS4 Be Used For?

There are many different things that can be used via the Ext port on a PS4 controller. Below we itemise the top uses.

Using The Ext Port For Headphones/Headsets

The Ext port can be used to plug in headphones and headsets to use when playing on your PS4. This is especially good for controllers that do not have Bluetooth as you can connect your headphones or headsets with ease. Most of the time Xbox-compatible headsets can’t be used with the Ext port, in this case you should find wired headphones via many online retailers.

Using The Ext Port For A Keyboard

Many gamers choose to use an online mini keyboard with their controllers. To get them to link to your play station you need to use the Ext port. This is great if you prefer to type responses in games rather than talk them via a microphone. Whilst the keyboards are usually smaller than what we are used to, they are a great addition to your gaming features.

Using The Ext Port As A Charging Station

Utilising the Ext port as a charging station is probably the easiest way to use the port to its full advantage. The Ext port allows you to charge several controllers at once. This is great for players that like to play PS4 for hours, or those that have multiple friends over to play a lot.

Whilst the controllers come with USB-C cables, the Ext port allows for a quicker charging, as the port is much faster than the conventional micro-USB ports. They also help to keep controllers off the shelf and reduces the amount of cords needed to charger your controllers and the possibility of sustaining any damage.

Is Utilising The PS4 Ext Worthwhile?

PS4 Controller

The PS4 Ext port doesn’t have as many uses as it once did; now we are limited to about three real uses as explained above. This is due to the increase in Bluetooth’s technology and favourable usage within the gaming world. Play Station have jumped at the chance to use Bluetooth as opposed to needing to plug in any items or cables.

So with the increase of wireless technologies the Ext port has dwindled in necessity, but it is still a helpful feature. Nevertheless, there has been some uproar with using the Ext port for headphones even. This is due to the audio jack that is already installed to accommodate earphones, headphones or headsets.


The Ext port is definitely one of the most overlooked components of the Dual Shock controllers. Its usage has been reduced due to the increase in gamer’s dependency of Bluetooth. The increase and ease of connection with Bluetooth as opposed to wired additions has deemed the Ext port as redundant on the surface.

Nevertheless, the Ext port is a great addition to the PS4 Dual Shock controller. It offers users a great way to charge multiple controllers at once without any reduction in battery life and to utilise a mini-keyboard with ease.