Zbingz – how to download torrents online

Zbingz = Zbigz + Bing? Actually is just another service like Bitport.io. If you want to safely download content from torrent sites at excellent speed and without a need to install any software on your machine you may go with such torrent services as Bitport.io.

Why people looks for zbingz?

While BitTorrent is more notorious for sharing illegal content than anything else, it does have several of really legit usages. You’ll find a quite a few heavy data files like Linux ISO images that have been obtainable on BitTorrent for years in addition to several game developers also using torrents for distributing the game patches and updates. Torrent has been around for more than a decade and is just a technology used to distribute files on the Internet and it’ a pity when anyone mentions the word, it’  connected to piracy.

Many of college networks, company networks and at present even Internet Service Providers are entirely blocking or stifling surfers from downloading using Torrent as it is capable to guzzle great amounts of bandwidth, leaving little  traffic for other internet users. Or what if anyone can download torrents okay but just don’ want to setup a program such as BitTorrent or Vuze on his computer because he might not going to use it so regularly? Here why people type zbingz in google.

An option to Zbingz

One way to obtain a torrent file without making use of a torrent program is by doing it with only your browser. This has two advantages, first is you don’t need to run or install any programs on your computer. And secondly, it can likewise deal with any constraints enforced on you by your employer, college or ISP.

Bitport.io is one among these ways to grab files out of BitTorrent without the need for using a torrent client on your computer. It will find, transfer, and stream  torrents to your machine, all with a amazing degree of safety and ease.

Using Bitport is fairly painless. Once you’ve got an account, you log in a web console, from where everything happens. You can link to a torrent file or magnet link, or load a file yourself. The torrent is being downloaded (you can download a group  at the same time, or queue them for later), and when it is stored in the personal cloud storage account, you can get it, or more likely just stream the file on the internet.

bitport as zbingz alternative

To torrent the file on the web has several significant benefits for the user. The major one is speed: since the torrent is being downloaded by a server sitting in a data center, everything happen much faster.  An aged file with a few seeders got pulled down at 10MB/s, for instance. In the case of popular torrents, the download is instantaneous (i.e, if another Bitport member has downloaded identical file recently, it seems to appear straight away in your storage account, so you can stream it instantly).

Other advantages

Privacy is another benefit: as a result of files aren’t stored on user’s personal machine, and internet connections are encrypted, it would be considerably harder for the movie studios to chop off infringement. And, in case you’re especially paranoid, it’s possible to use a VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK or Tor to have access to the web service.

Obviously, that drives all the risk onto Bitport. They have rigorous terms of use  which forbid downloading copyrighted content. Bitport also stated that it would abide by takedown requests for proprietary content if they required to — but since hardly anything is publicly presented, that hasn’t occurred so far.

The one thing deserving of bearing in mind is that you can find a identical service, which has been known for some time, called Put.io (another zbingz alternative). It provides almost  the same features — but notably, doesn’t have a free tier, although you really get much more storage for your bucks in the higher tiers. Pricing on Bitport something about $5-$15, giving you about 30GB and 250GB of storage space.