IDM alternative. How to download torrents securely? is a good online IDM alternative. If you want to safely retrieve data from BitTorrent at great rate and not having to install any software on your machine you can take advantage of such torrent services as

Why people look for IDM alternative?

Even though BitTorrent is alot more infamous for sharing not legal content than other technologies, it does have several of quite legit usages. You’ll find a quite a few large data files like Linux ISO images that have been available on Torrent for a long time including several game creators also using torrents for distributing the game fixes and improvements. BitTorrent has been near more than a 10 years and is simply a method used to publish files on the Internet and it’ a shame when anyone mentions the word, it’ naturally connected to something illegal.

Quite a number of university networks, company networks and nowadays even ISP’ are completely stopping or stifling surfers from  using BitTorrent because it is can guzzle huge amounts of bandwidth, leaving very little  bandwidth for other users. Or what if one can download torrents ok but just don’ want to setup a program such as uTorrent or Deluge on his system simply because he might not going to use it that frequently? That’s why people look for IDM alternative. as IDM Alternative

One way to download a torrent file without using a torrent application is by doing it with only a internet browser. This has a couple of advantages, one of which is you don’t have to run or install any programs on your machine. And next, it may also deal with any restrictions enforced on you by your company, college or internet provider. is one of these ways to obtain files from BitTorrent without installing a torrent client on your machine. It will search, transfer, and stream  torrents to you, all with a stupid degree of safety and convenience.

Using Bitport is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve got an account, you sign in a web console, from where everything happens. You’re able to link to a torrent file or magnet link, or submit a file on your own. The torrent is  downloaded (you can run a group of them at a time, or queue downloads for later), and once it is saved in your personal cloud storage account, you can get it, or more probable simply stream the file online.

bitport as idm alternative

Torrenting the file online has a few principal advantages for you. The big one is speed: since the torrent is being received by a server set in a data center, things happen much faster. A years-old file with a few seeders got pulled down at 10MB/s, for instance. In the case of common torrents, the download is instantaneous (i.e, if another Bitport member has downloaded similar file recently, it seems to appear right away in your storage account, so you can stream it instantly).

Other advantages

Security is another benefit: considering that files aren’t retained on user’s personal system, and internet connections are encrypted, it would be significantly harder for the movie studios to cut off infringement. And, if you’re particularly paranoid, it’s possible to use a VPN or Tor to access the website.

Of course, that drives all the risk onto Bitport. They have rigorous terms of use  which restrict downloading proprietary media. Bitport also stated that it would follow to takedown demands for copyrighted material if they required to — but as soon as practically nothing is openly available, that has not taken place so far.

Another thing deserving of bearing in mind is that there is a similar web service, which has been around for a while, called (another online IDM alternative). It includes almost  the same features — but remarkably, doesn’t have a free tier, even though you really get much more space for your money in the higher plans. Pricing on Bitport is about $5-$15, getting you between 30GB and 250GB of storage.

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