Are You A Good Digital Parent? Don’t Spy On Text Messages Alone

Smartphones are today considered an essential part of life. That is why even children these days are allowed access to these devices, and that is the problem.

The fact that the internet is like a forest makes it a dangerous place to be for a young one because of the child predators who brainwash children and use them to do humiliating things.

Apart from that, there are other things like cyberbullying and addiction that can mess up your child.  To keep your child safe from all these threats you will need to monitor them with a tracking app like Cocospy.

Find a good monitoring app

Tracking your child’s phone is one move that you will never regret because it will provide you with more information about the kind of person your child is. A tracking app like cocospy, for example, will make tracking your child more convenient because it is easy to install and use.

Also, it allows you to have access to anything going on in the phone, and its text spy feature enables the app to track chats even in various social media platforms. Remember that a good tracking app is determined by its features plus, what the previous users say about it. You will, therefore, want to take some time during your search so that you get precisely what you are looking for.

Limit mobile phone usage

One problem with children and even some adults is that they want to be always online doing something or nothing. As long as they have internet, they will never lack something to do on their phones, and that is risky because it usually leads to addiction. As for children, getting addicted to a smartphone is very easy because their brain will have nothing else to think about, unlike adults who have other responsibilities. As a good parent, you need to engage your child in more social activities rather than allow them to drown their thoughts in games or whatever they are using the phone for.

Watch your habits

Children learn from what they see, and that is why, as a parent, you need to be very careful with how you handle your phone. If your child sees that you are always busy on the phone, they will want to be just like you. You should, therefore, take advantage of this to train them on how to balance their time.

If it’s time for dinner, for example, you can have a rule that no phones are allowed to the dinner table. Also, you need to have a daily routine schedule that you are strict to so that your child can grow up understanding that there is time for using the phone and also the time for other things.


GPS tracking

Many mobile tracking apps come with a GPS tracker. That is because, it was realized that a teenager might not text or call their friends, but once they meet in school or wherever, they engage in things like drugs and sex. With a GPS locator, you will always know where your child is, and that will help you understand what they are up to. The best part is that it puts you in the best position to notice any strange behavioral changes in their route pattern.

Hint them about how they can use their phone

Most children end up in the wrong places online because they don’t know what to do with their phones. Clicking random links is something that any child will do, especially if they are looking for something new to engage them on their phones. As a parent, you can always show your child how to benefit from their smartphones. Children like games and other sorts of entertainment.

Also, they love watching videos that are funny or entertaining. By showing your kid how and where they can access such things, you will be helping them avoid ending up in the wrong place with their phones. It’s also good to understand that you can use a mobile phone monitoring app to block links to specific websites.

Since the internet is a good source of information, you can also encourage your child to use their phones for school work and other academic uses.


The increased use of smartphones amongst children has led to many of them destroying their lives. No that because their parents are not responsible but because children are vulnerable. Take note that predators know this and they are continually looking for new victims to ruin.

Also, spending so much time on the phone can lead to some severe conditions according to experts. There are children whose addiction to smartphones has led them to rehabilitation. To avoid all these risks, you need to make sure that you are all over and around your child’s phone usage activities.

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