15 Best Backlink Building Tools

This article is for those looking for the best backlink building tools available in 2016.

Today the Internet is teeming with link building software and the number of ways to skyrocket your page rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is also huge. Under today’s pressing global competition each and every business owner, be it small, medium or even large business, wants to sell their products via the Internet as well as equally ensure higher level of satisfaction and product awareness among their clients. And this is the ultimate reason that drives business owners to invest in their websites.

If your website is not visible in search results, it’s just useless, and to make things right you need to deploy SEO squad. That is why in this article we are going to explore some of the most popular backlink building tools and backlink building software that will kickstart any link building campaign of yours. You can use these backlink submission software, backlink submitter tools, backlink building software, backlink submission for your daily SEO needs. So, here we go:

Open Site Explorer

backlink discovery with opensiteexplorer

Open Site Explorer allows you to research backlinks, find link building opportunities and discover potentially damaging links. It also makes it easy for you to analyze backlinks of your competitors. With this tool you will be able to see inbound links to the page, subdomain, or root domain you’ve entered as well as analyze the linking pages.


ahrefs site explorerAhrefs is the fastest and most furious backlink checker. Its crawler handles 4.1 million pages a minute. What it means for you is the outstanding backlink discovery speed and the most complete live backlink profile of any website. Whatever your purpose, Ahrefs can serve any – track referring domains and IPs, find lost, broken and suspicious backlinks, spy on competitors’ profiles, you name it. An advanced filtering system will help you explore links by their type, platform, and language. While other tools don’t go any further than HTML, Ahrefs has extended its reach. Currently, its crawler is the only one that detects links on Javascript pages.

Majestic SEO

backlink building with majesticThe Majestic Marketing Search Engine is a top-notch software for SEO Professionals, Media Analysts, Entrepreneurs and Developers alike. Its largest Link Intelligence database on the planet allows you to find out how all the website on the Internet link to each other. Its tool called Site Explorer provides you great details about domains and URLs while its Backlink History Checker allows SEOs to see the number of backlinks detected by their web robots for given domains, subdomains or URLs.


This powerful tool is actually a big data platform. It helps advertising agencies and brands get better ranks in Google. It also allows users to better understand and subsequently outperform their potential competition. This one is a very powerful SEO tool.

According to their website they provide the most complete, freshest and consistent link data you can get. And their motto is: Understand and outperform your competition!

Their strengths include:

  • Combined knowledge – 93 SEO metrics – 24 link backends
  • UP to DATE and accurate data!
  • Dynamic link profile filters
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter & other social votes
  • Competitive advantage at your fingertips!

Raven Tools

Raven’s online marketing tools for SEO, Social, SEM and Paid Search Marketing are designed to help marketing agencies save time and money. Their Site Auditor tool automatically crawls websites to gather data about key technical SEO areas. Moreover, this tool also supports Google’s latest requirements, such as the speed of page and mobile responsive design. Many users of this tool are quite satisfied with the way it works. Discover the unique onpage SEO issues keeping your website from ranking and attracting more visitors from search engines like Google.


Moz is an all-in-one suite of SEO tools that includes keyword research, SEO audit and crawl, backlink research, rank tracking and SEO toolbar. All the tools are efficient and easy to use for beginners and advanced users alike. Moz Pro helps its users to boost their online visibility and keep ahead of their potential competitors. Moz Local helps its users to increase their visibility in mobile and local search. Moz Content is an efficient tool designed to boost content strategy and in-depth content audits as well as performance tracking. There’s just so much for you to explore and make it work for you.


With a set of marketing research tools at your disposal Ontolo helps you promote your great ideas. Ontolo also helps companies to improve their marketing and link building by speeding up and focusing the content marketing research; spending much less time finding who or where to promote content by identifying authors who link to the content; and the third way is by identifying link building opportunities.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai is helping to find and explore great opportunities that exist in specific marketplace. Essentially it is a keyword research software package. With the help of Market Samurai you will be able to locate and target profitable niches with high precision. This great tool is popular among affiliate marketers.


WhoLinkstoMe is a great reputation management tool that can be used by various agencies. It offers great backlink analysis and link building tools. With this tool your can closely monitor your competition and learn a thing or two from their successes and capitalize on their failures which is the information you need to know to get to the top of your market.

WhoLinkstoMe offers the following:

  • More comprehensive link data
  • More extensive reporting options
  • More in-depth competitive intelligence

Wordtracker’s Link Prospector

It is a powerful, yet easy to use, link-building tool created by Citation Labs. With the help of this tool you will be able to reveal the links that will improve your rankings. It has tools for both beginners and advanced users.

Advanced Link Manager

The Advanced Link Manager is a powerful tool that helps its users to better manage their link building campaigns. This software helps you to keep track of incoming links for your websites and for your competitors’ website at the same time as well as find out who links to top-ranking authority websites. It is an easy to use and efficient tool for SEO consultants who want to make their job easier and more effective.


Being one of the most powerful and easy to use tools available on the Internet, SEOnuke will help you in building backlinks and optimizing off-site. The proper and wise use of its suite of tools will no doubt benefit you greatly. After all, it’s all about link building.


ScrapeBrokers tools will help you get your website to the top of the very Google. They release new SEO packages on a monthly basis which include SEO lists like bookmarking websites, web 2.0 blogs, and search engine ranking lists. Moreover, you get tutorials and other resources so that you can build backlinks more effectively and efficiently. This software ensures that you always have reliable backlinks to pave your way to the top.


ToutApp is an application that helps salesmen to increase their productivity and close more deals through in-depth analytics, templates and tracking. You will get a strong sales acceleration platform which will work both for you and your team with Tout’s Sales Tracking, Templates and Analytics.

Money Robot

Money Robot is an automated SEO tool developed by Softtech. Lately, this tool has created a lot of buzz in the market. Users say that this SEO tool is very effective and really easy to use for generating traffic to your website and ultimately getting your website to the first page of Google. Once you’re done creating the backlinks the tool keeps tracking your live backlinks, related texts and information. Servers of Money Robot Submitter are on permanent hunt for the sites that can provide quality backlinks to that of yours. Whenever Robot Submitted finds a high quality backlink it submits your content on that website automatically.