Combatting Cybercrime: How to Stay One Step Ahead of the Criminals

If you don’t want your business to fall victim to cybercrime, you must resolve to stay one step ahead of the criminals at all times.

You cannot ever afford to rest on your laurels or consider yourself safe against this dangerous modern-day plight. No matter what point your business is at in its development, whether it’s still in its startup stage or it has already reached the pinnacle of its industry, you consistently have to remain ahead of the curve. The moment you take your eye off the ball in this instance is the exact moment a cybercriminal will seek to hack, scam, and ransom their way to financial success at your expense.

To find out how you can combat cybercrime and stay one step ahead of the criminals at all times, be sure to read on.

Invest in EDR technology

If you’re serious about remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to deterring cybercrime, you need to equip yourself with all the latest tools in the cybersecurity industry. One of the best-emerging technologies that you can take advantage of in this instance is endpoint detection and response (EDR).

What is endpoint detection and response? This is a security solution that will allow you to monitor and respond to advanced cybercrime threats. With this expert piece of equipment by your side, you will be able to collect data on all the latest cybercrime attacks. After collecting this information, you will find it much easier to remain abreast of the most dangerous trends in the cybercrime industry.

Keep your software updated

Technology companies and service providers don’t roll out updates just to line their own pockets, you know. They make them available to ensure that their products are capable of combatting the very latest cybercrime trends. If you want to stay one step ahead of cybercrime, you simply must resolve to keep your protective software updated at all times. Don’t click ‘try again tomorrow’ whenever the update notification appears on your screen — click it right away!

Take out cyber and data insurance

No matter what you do to protect yourself against the dangers of cybercrime or what extent you go to in order to deter this plight, your systems can still be hacked into and infiltrated at any time. It is for this reason why you must consider taking out cyber and data insurance. Regardless of what issues you face with regard to cybercrime going forward, this type of insurance will cover you for any of the damages that you incur.

By taking out cyber and data insurance, you will be covered when it comes to paying the following costs:

  • Investigation
  • First and third party
  • Notification
  • Phone hacking
  • Regulatory fines and penalties
  • Business interruption
  • Reputation management

Do you want to continue to combat cybercrime for years to come? If so, it’s essential that you remain one step ahead of the criminals at all times. Put the above advice into practice, and you’ll be sure to do just that.

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